Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Paula Mott-Berndt, and my pen name is PB Morlen. I am the author of the book, Illuminating Crystal, the first book in the White Bird series--the book is due to be released 10/10/2011!
Feel free to check out my website:

I have been writing for many years so I am very excited, to say the least, to finally share my books with the world.
My novel is about a young girl, Crystal Blue, who was born to illuminate humanity.  Because I have spent the last twenty-five years of my life, totally dedicated to discovering what it means to be 'human,' I decided to write a story based in reality but filled with supernatural events and fantastical characters. Ultimately, Crystal's story takes us on a world-wide journey of self-discovery and action-filled, fun.

 So what does that mean? discovering what it means to be 'human.' Well, humans, although very complex creatures at times, really are quite simple.  And, the more simple, the happier! This is what I've learned and therefore, I decided to write my story.  And, I have been writing this story for almost sixteen years, so let's just say, I have a lot to share, and I still have so much to learn.

And so, because there are so many different topics that my novel covers, I feel that I should give a quick run-down so that if any of you feel the need to learn more about these topics, or if would like to ask questions, you can be rest assured that I will be blogging about them weekly.
After all, I am extremely passionate about these topics and I would LOVE any comments, thoughts and/or clarifications if I have said anything in error.
The topics my books cover are:
  • current events, both the 'seen' and the 'unseen'--you'll know what I'm talking about once you read 
  • the book :-) 
  • Earth's Magnetic Grid is shifting
  • The Fifth Age /  The Fifth Hoop / The New Age / namely the age we are dawning into.
  • Ascension...while remaining on the planet
  • Earth's 12 overtones, or dimensions.
  • Ancient worlds 
  • Harmonic Convergence
  • Lost indigenous cultures
  • Mayan Factor / 2012 
  • The 12 layers of DNA  
  • Pineal Gland adjustment
  • Ancient Sacred Knowledge...The true nature of what it is to be divinely human.
  • Divine Feminine Wisdom / Kundalini Energy
  • Sacred Totems / Animal Powers
  • Earth events, ie. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, solar flares, solar winds, fires, celestial phenomena..remember the spiral over Norway? 
  • Famous writers--my novel's main character, Crystal Blue, loves to read!!
  • The Akashic Records
  • Crystals--the stones that hold the highest vibration.
  • Lemuria
  • The Pleiades
  • Orion
  • Sirius--A and B
  • and much, much more as each book in the series is released....which by the way will be no less than five.
I invite you to return at any time and make any suggestions.  I love our world, our earth and humanity and I think we are going in the right direction even though it seems quite chaotic.  This is all part of the ascension age moving into another is never easy.  
As a matter of fact, most native cultures have creation stories that speak of these ages, and the last was over 12,000 years ago...we are moving into the next one now as you can probably tell.  There are many, many wonderful websites that you can visit that talk about these creation myths--which I, by the way, believe are more fact than fiction.  Just 'google' creation myths and a whole bunch will pop up.
Enjoy your week surfing the net and tell me some stories that you find. Please visit any of the websites listed at the top of my blog as they are probably filled with the wisest pieces of informational knowledge that I know of.
So for now, Namaste!
Oh, by the way, the link below is one that I surf often for information.  I have found it quite valuable, exciting and informative.