Friday, December 30, 2011

GOOD BYE TO 2011: HELLO 2012

Wow...can it  already be the end of the year? Wasn't it just yesterday that we up here in the Northland,  stared out of our windows, waiting for the first glimpse of green grass, praying to the God of our choosing that no more snow would fall from the sky? Last year's winter was almost, if not totally, too much for me to bear.  I do not recall a longer, snowier, nastier winter.  We Minnesotans are not used to brown Christmases, but I declare that this year I did not mind, not one tiny bit as I have yet to recover from last year's blast.  However, as the snow fell, the winds blew, the rains came, the oceans rose, and the grounds shook, I was not at all surprised, for I was warned, no that's not right, I was informed that 2011 was the Year of Gaia.

For those of us who follow numerology, 2011 is a '4' year (2+0+1+1=4) and Gaia's number is '4.'  How do I know this.  Well, I happen to be a follower of the lovely Pepper Lewis who channels Gaia, and this is what she told us.  Gaia ( Mother Earth) is the soul of our planet.  This incredible soul animates our planet and makes life on earth possible.  She, like humanity, is changing, evolving and the auspicious weather challenges that the world has seen over the last twelve months has shown us that Gaia is not subtle, she can't be...and she doesn't need to be.  After all, we need to understand that she is benevolence itself, offering us all that she has at every turn without asking anything in return.  If she needs to shake a bit and saturate her skin with large amounts of moisture so that her plates can shift easier, I for one will not stand in her way.  I will send her light, love and compassion as often as I remember to and I would encourage everyone else to do the same.  She's willing to go the distance and we couldn't play this game of being human without her.  So, I bid 2011 adieu and look ahead to tomorrow.

2011 is behind us, and the year 2012 is knocking at our door.  This is the year we've been waiting for. The year that doomsayers claim will be the end of times, the end of all things, the end of life as we know it.  I for one don't believe that, not in the literal sense anyway.  It may be the end of times, yes, energetically speaking.  The end of an old age, the end of a way of living that needs to change, the end of life as many know it who have wished in the quiet moments, kneeling by their bedside, whispering to their creator to unleash upon them a life of abundance, goodness and mercy.  These are the times that are coming....the winds bring change, and mind you, there are ferocious winds out there sweeping across the plains as we speak.  Do these winds blow out the old  year, or bring in the new? Possibly, if not most likely, both.

So, why do you think so much attention has been put upon this one year among many? Many of you know of the looming date which so many have talked about for decades....12/21/12.  The day that the Mayan calendar ends. We humble humans who sit in our armchairs wondering about this propitious date cannot imagine, really, what the Mayans were getting at, putting a day to the end of the world.  As if that's going to really happen.  Every second of every day potentials change depending on choices being made.  No one can predict an event one. But did the Mayans actually predict a doomsday event or did they rather predict a transition time period?  I allude to this in my novel, "Illuminating Crystal," when David Lange, the physics professor, is educating my main character, Crystal, about the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  He explains that many people fear this date as the media tends to dwell on the negative aspects looming ahead.  My character also explains that this is not a date to be feared, but rather a date to look forward to because it will be a date that ushers in a time of transition to a New Age. An age where the divine feminine comes of age, an age that brings balance and harmony to an unbalanced world.  Sounds good to me.

So then why are so many people wrapped up in the idea that on this particular date the world is going to end? Are they caught up in some kind of religious rapture? Let's take a look at some different websites that explore the various ideas surrounding this auspicious event:
An interesting article, focusing on myth from Africa's Dogon Tribe and the Mayan Calendar is based on the stars: Unexplainable Phenomenon & 2012.
I love this one as it introduces its readers to some unknown facts about the mesoamerican calendar: Doomsday Date Might Be Wrong.
Here's a Great Video: Mayan Prophecy: Shift of the Ages
A Crystal Skulls Perspective: Crystal and might I add very fascinating!
I will end by sharing my favorite article with you: 2012: End of the Fifth Sun. I love this writer's ability to break this phenomena down into pragmatic detail, focusing on numbers, cycles and planetary information.

Well, this wraps up another moment of time as I sit in my room listening to the fireworks ushering in the New Year.  What a marvelous time to be alive!! Oh how sweet life is!
Good night all you prince and princesses, and Captains of Maine!! Welcome to the year 2012: The Year of Change!