Wednesday, January 18, 2012


“There are times that I refer to you, my dear friends, as the spiritual pirates, as the spiritual adventurers, as the ones who are going off exploring into the new realms, in the new arenas of consciousness.”~ Adamus Saint-Germain           

Good day to you! I have been remiss as of late and I apologize, but frankly, I've had nothing to say.  Well, let me re-phrase that, I've had something to say, but it took me a few weeks to formulate my idea and then transfer them from my mind to my pen. I'm not the kind of writer who is able to instantly pull something from thin air and write about it.  If I have to, I can.  For instance, at present I am a student at Saint Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota and I will be expected to write about a dozen lesson plans in the upcoming two months, as I am in the final stages of classroom instruction for my Elementary Education Degree, along with dozens of hours of Fieldwork in the near future.  I have no choice in the matter. I look forward to the challenge, but I fear that it may be one of the reasons that I cannot formulate any creative ideas for my blog.  

Therefore..I have decided to write about an incredible experience I had a few weeks back with the help of my dear friend and teacher, Adamas.  As many of you already know, I am a staunch supporter of the channelings of Adamas by Geoffrey Hoppe of The Crimson Circle.  This particular individual has often-times inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and express myself fully.  This being one of the reasons that I could gather the courage I needed to publish my first novel, "Illuminating Crystal,", the novel for which I am so very proud of.  

But I digress, let's get back to Adamas and his message which was, "Invite your soul into your life."  I had to ask myself, "What? Invite my soul into my life? I thought I already had done that." Well, as it happens most of us haven't.  We haven't been able to because the energies weren't set up for that kind of intimate relationship between our human selves and our divine soul, walking hand-in-hand on this planet.  Mind you, there have been those Masters and Avatars that were able to do this, but it took great effort on their parts, hours and hours of meditation, years of training with other Masters, and often times painful situations forcing them to look within for answers.  

But now, as my friend Kryon says, we are in the middle of a 36-year cycle of galactic alignment, which places us smack dab in the middle of the greatest shift in the history of humanity where we are only months away from a date in which many believe will be the 'end.'.  No, no, it's not the 'end', but rather a shift, one in which we can ascend and this time we don't need to die in order to ascend.  What? You ask! What do you mean by that? Well, according to my teachers, both here and behind the veil, humanity is ascending into the next level of awareness.  Of course many don't know this.  I lay all this out in my novel, as my character David Lange explains this phenomena on pages, 156-162 to Crystal when he attempts to convince her of her life's mission. And I invite you to do your own research with this, ask your own questions.  What does it mean to ascend? How can I continue being a human being if I have ascended? Please, ask these questions to those who you feel comfortable and settle on your own answers, but do ask. But this particular shift is creating a certain phenomena which is thinning our veil which separates us from our 'higher selves' our 'God selves' our 'soul.' 

And now, for the very first time since we came to this planet, we can invite our souls into our lives.  After all, they too would like to experience this fascinating time.  It is now possible, to share our lives with that part of us that many of us believe has resided in the astral planes, guiding us and inspiring us to be all that we can be...but until now separated from us.  I will share with you Adamas's last channel, one in which we first pulled together 12 tools and tips for 2012 we could share with friends and family when they ask us: "How do you stay so calm in the midst of all this confusion and chaos, when our economy is tanking, the weather is extreme, the political arena is violent, and change is happening all over the world?" 
And finally, on page 36  he guided us through a meditation in which we invited our souls into our lives.  It is simple, loving, empowering and incredibly powerful.  Here it is in a text PDF: "The Gift."                             

And so I leave you with this simple message for this day: "Be grateful for this special and unique relationship that you can now have with your divine self, learn to listen with your heart, and don't forget to play."
Love and Light,