Monday, January 23, 2012


What a privilege this is! My creator, PB, is allowing me to share a bit of wisdom with you today. Dude, how exciting is this! Maybe if all goes well with this little visit, she might let me do this again.  Bloody brilliant, yes? After all, I am involved in some pretty amazing adventures where I can walk between worlds and travel inter-dimensionally, so why not? It could happen, ye know!
As some of you know, I am the main character in PB's novel, "Illuminating Crystal," and as yet I am a bit overwhelmed with my mission's duties, having just been attacked and tattooed by a large serpent, removed of my memories, and thrown into a helluva story where I really have no choice but to...well I shouldn't give too much away, but I am a bit busy at the moment. I understand there is some bloody strange sounds being heard all around the world.  I think David and I might have an idea of what these sounds could be. You remember David? He's the dude that saved me from bleeding to death in the 7-11, the one who is now decoding the manuscript that I've been warned to stay away from.  And believe you me, I intend on heeding this warning, I get tweaky thinking of what happened to me after I found the blasted thing.  Oh, and David is also a cryptologist and a physicist and quite brilliant.
So, as PB explains at the beginning of Book One in my story, "Illuminating Crystal," there is a large blue crystal in the center of our Earth. She explains that many claim the center of our earth is solid. And that...what? Oh, PB told me to just insert this description right here:

  Crystals hold the highest vibration in the mineral kingdom. The blue crystal, a powerful and rare specimen discovered in remote areas of the world—which only a half dozen cases of discovery have been reported—holds the highest.

Three of these specimens’ whereabouts are known: NASA keeps one, the Vatican another and one particularly large specimen sits in a remote museum; the rest are as yet unaccounted for.

There is another one, however, that will never be found. Scientists speculate that the inner core of the earth is a primarily solid sphere—they are wrong. A giant blue crystal, smaller than the moon but more beautiful than the sun, makes up earth’s inner core: The spirits of the ancients dwells there and they wait for the blue serpent, the one who has the power to release them.
excerpt taken from PB Morlen's novel, "Illuminating Crystal."

Okay, is that brilliant or what? Well, anyway, we believe, David, the others who are traveling with us, and I, we truly believe that this blue crystalline chamber's frequency is beginning to vibrate higher which is part of the Earth's crystalline grid, and part of the shift that is occurring right now on planet Earth. You see, humanity is evolving, mass consciousness is evolving, their vibrational frequencies are raising, and along with this, the planet is evolving as well.  One cannot evolve without the other. Many indigenous cultures have spoken of this very thing often enough. The Hopi say we are now entering into the Fifth World, the next age where the Blue Star Kachina will return.  On the Hopi reservation, near Oraibi, there is Prophecy Rock which depicts two kinds of humans: those who stay close to the land and those who do not.  Click here to read about their prophecy and draw your own conclusions.  

There will be anomalies and supernatural events that many will not be able to explain, because frankly, these events have never, ever happened before. There will be plenty of speculations because this is the year many have been waiting for.  Right? But do not fear these strange sounds.  Understand that our Earth is alive and well and will not begin to fall apart.  On my travels, I've spoken with some of the Shamans from these tribes and they do not wonder what these strange sounds are.  They are not saying that they are 'trumpets' or 'sky booms' or 'apocalyptic warnings' or 'Earth core meltdowns' as I understand that these theories are exploding all over your internet. Why not check some of these out.  I'll post the links to some of these articles right here: Strange sound theory I, Strange sound video from Kiev, Strange sounds theory II.

These peculiar, sometimes metallic-like sounds are most likely not warnings from Earth of an alien invasion, referring to the first link. Dude, really? Aliens? Come on, this will never, ever happen.  Never. Our brain's are not being programmed to 'hear' these sounds so we become paranoid and easily over-taken by an alien invasion.  And Gaia's core is not destabilizing, rather it is evolving, attuning itself to humanity's higher vibrations. Actually, it is incredible, don't you think? I mean, Jaypers! We are witness to events never seen before in the history of humanity! Do not fear these changes! Embrace them and realize that we chose to be here right now at this exciting time in Earth's and mankind's evolution.  Our universe is benevolent, supports life, and does not look to destroy! Sorry, I get a bit dramatic about these things now.  I am in the thick of it, you know? And, as my dear friend Cosmo says, "I am a dramatic little thing." 

Well, I have to return to my story now.  I can't tell you what I am doing exactly, because I myself don't really know.  I do know that it is really dark and I'm probably going to be meeting someone that may try to hurt me.  But I'm not afraid.  I have Wyndon and Adam is not far away.  It was lovely to visit with you, and remember, we are divine creatures that cannot be ruled by tyrants any longer.  We are now the butterflies, traveling freely over our Earth.  Follow  your heart and pursue your dreams.  There is no greater time in history to do this than now.
Love you all....Crystal.