Friday, December 30, 2011

GOOD BYE TO 2011: HELLO 2012

Wow...can it  already be the end of the year? Wasn't it just yesterday that we up here in the Northland,  stared out of our windows, waiting for the first glimpse of green grass, praying to the God of our choosing that no more snow would fall from the sky? Last year's winter was almost, if not totally, too much for me to bear.  I do not recall a longer, snowier, nastier winter.  We Minnesotans are not used to brown Christmases, but I declare that this year I did not mind, not one tiny bit as I have yet to recover from last year's blast.  However, as the snow fell, the winds blew, the rains came, the oceans rose, and the grounds shook, I was not at all surprised, for I was warned, no that's not right, I was informed that 2011 was the Year of Gaia.

For those of us who follow numerology, 2011 is a '4' year (2+0+1+1=4) and Gaia's number is '4.'  How do I know this.  Well, I happen to be a follower of the lovely Pepper Lewis who channels Gaia, and this is what she told us.  Gaia ( Mother Earth) is the soul of our planet.  This incredible soul animates our planet and makes life on earth possible.  She, like humanity, is changing, evolving and the auspicious weather challenges that the world has seen over the last twelve months has shown us that Gaia is not subtle, she can't be...and she doesn't need to be.  After all, we need to understand that she is benevolence itself, offering us all that she has at every turn without asking anything in return.  If she needs to shake a bit and saturate her skin with large amounts of moisture so that her plates can shift easier, I for one will not stand in her way.  I will send her light, love and compassion as often as I remember to and I would encourage everyone else to do the same.  She's willing to go the distance and we couldn't play this game of being human without her.  So, I bid 2011 adieu and look ahead to tomorrow.

2011 is behind us, and the year 2012 is knocking at our door.  This is the year we've been waiting for. The year that doomsayers claim will be the end of times, the end of all things, the end of life as we know it.  I for one don't believe that, not in the literal sense anyway.  It may be the end of times, yes, energetically speaking.  The end of an old age, the end of a way of living that needs to change, the end of life as many know it who have wished in the quiet moments, kneeling by their bedside, whispering to their creator to unleash upon them a life of abundance, goodness and mercy.  These are the times that are coming....the winds bring change, and mind you, there are ferocious winds out there sweeping across the plains as we speak.  Do these winds blow out the old  year, or bring in the new? Possibly, if not most likely, both.

So, why do you think so much attention has been put upon this one year among many? Many of you know of the looming date which so many have talked about for decades....12/21/12.  The day that the Mayan calendar ends. We humble humans who sit in our armchairs wondering about this propitious date cannot imagine, really, what the Mayans were getting at, putting a day to the end of the world.  As if that's going to really happen.  Every second of every day potentials change depending on choices being made.  No one can predict an event one. But did the Mayans actually predict a doomsday event or did they rather predict a transition time period?  I allude to this in my novel, "Illuminating Crystal," when David Lange, the physics professor, is educating my main character, Crystal, about the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.  He explains that many people fear this date as the media tends to dwell on the negative aspects looming ahead.  My character also explains that this is not a date to be feared, but rather a date to look forward to because it will be a date that ushers in a time of transition to a New Age. An age where the divine feminine comes of age, an age that brings balance and harmony to an unbalanced world.  Sounds good to me.

So then why are so many people wrapped up in the idea that on this particular date the world is going to end? Are they caught up in some kind of religious rapture? Let's take a look at some different websites that explore the various ideas surrounding this auspicious event:
An interesting article, focusing on myth from Africa's Dogon Tribe and the Mayan Calendar is based on the stars: Unexplainable Phenomenon & 2012.
I love this one as it introduces its readers to some unknown facts about the mesoamerican calendar: Doomsday Date Might Be Wrong.
Here's a Great Video: Mayan Prophecy: Shift of the Ages
A Crystal Skulls Perspective: Crystal and might I add very fascinating!
I will end by sharing my favorite article with you: 2012: End of the Fifth Sun. I love this writer's ability to break this phenomena down into pragmatic detail, focusing on numbers, cycles and planetary information.

Well, this wraps up another moment of time as I sit in my room listening to the fireworks ushering in the New Year.  What a marvelous time to be alive!! Oh how sweet life is!
Good night all you prince and princesses, and Captains of Maine!! Welcome to the year 2012: The Year of Change!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The winter solstice is not just the shortest day or the longest night of the year.  No, it's more than that.  It's a time of magic where the power of darkness is honored.  Many people fear the dark, seeking out the light so that they may see.  But the dark provides an opportunity for us to trust that which we cannot see with our own eyes. And, this time of year when there is more darkness than light in the northern hemisphere, many tuck themselves into their homes, paying attention to those things they've put aside.  In the summer months, many of the world's peoples must work the fields, till the soil and harvest the crops,taking advantage of the sun's light.  But in the winter, when the sky is dark more than light, we can be still and quiet, listening to Earth's hum as we wait for spring. This is how it was in ancient times before electricity found its way around the world, lighting our homes 24-hours-a-day.  And, in many cultures it is still this way for those who live close to the land. It is a time of renewal, awakening and peace.
All around the world, this time of year holds special meanings to many cultures. Worldwide, interpretation of this event has varied from culture to culture, but most have held a recognition of rebirth, honoring festivals and other celebrations. Solstice rites are one of our oldest celebrations, dating back to the dawn of civilization more than 25,000 years ago.  For ancient peoples, the winter solstice was an awesome, mysterious and powerful phenomenon.
For your enjoyment, I've inserted links to various websites devoted to these rituals, explaining how some of the world's ancient cultures celebrated this time of rebirth. Druid FestivalsTwelfth Night Ritual, Celebration of Yule, and The Rebirth of the Golden Solstice Sun.  Follow this link to learn of six winter solstice holidays: Winter Holidays.
I now I would like to share with you a blog post that I found very enlightening as to the beginning observances and rituals of the winter solstice.Winter Solstice Full Moon. 

Enjoy this incredible, powerful and magical time of year with the company of friends, family and by honoring your ancestors.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Author Talk & Book Signing

Hello All!
I want to invite you all to my first Author Talk and Book Signing for my novel, "Illuminating Crystal."  The event will be held on Sunday, January 15 from 1 - 3 p.m.  The fabulous book store Magus Books & Herbs is hosting this event for me.  Their address is 1309 1/2 4th Street. Minneapolis, MN.  Follow this link for directions and information about this store. Magus Books.
I want to say that it is incredibly apropos that my first Author Talk and Book Signing will be held in this book store, and I'll tell you why.  When I began this novel more than fifteen years ago, I knew that I wanted to set my story in the city of Minneapolis; why I don't know, I just did.  It felt right.  And so, my character Crystal, in the first pages, is walking down 4th Street in Dinkytown (the thriving community just north of Minneapolis that surrounds the city's college campus), and she comes upon a bookstore with a purple door.  Now, let me say  that I saw all of this in my head.  I had been to Dinkytown once, maybe twice as a college student, but I only drove through, never really paying much attention to any stores or restaurants.
So here's where it gets cool.  The Magus Book store is on 4th street, right? And, it has a purple door! And, it happens to be a favorite store of my daughters, Claire and Madelynn.
So, can you gather where this is going?
Let's back up a bit, one day last fall right before I released my book, my daughter Claire calls me on the phone.  "Mom! You'll never believe where I am.  I'm at this really cool bookstore in Dinkytown that has a bunch of crystals and stuff.  I think you should sell your book here; I think it will fit right in!" (As of yet my daughters have not read my book.  Will they ever? I don't know.  I think it's a mom-daughter thing.  But they know the jist of my story as I've talked about it with them for fifteen years).
Anyway, I ask Claire, "What's the name of the store?" She says, "Magus Books." I pause and wonder to myself, where have I heard of this place before? Then I remember that I am 'friends' with SchaOn Blodgett on FB, the bookstore's event planner and I was intending on contacting him, but as yet I didn't know where the store was located, I just really liked the name of the book store.  And then, only a few weeks later, a few days after the release of my book, SchaOn contacts me and invites me to talk about my book. (I still don't know the bookstore has a purple door.)
Well, now it's all coming together in my head as very serendipitous, as many things about my book have proven over the last few years.  (I'll be talking about these 'fey' events during my author talk!) I contact ShaOn and accept the invitation and when I learned that the bookstore's front door was purple, well, I had to laugh.  For those of you who have read my book, you'll understand why this is such a kismet kind of a thing.  The only thing is, you won't find Cosmo and Adam, Crystal or Claire lurking around any corners. But if you come to my event, you will find me!
Enjoy your life!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Good Morning!! I'm sure by now we've all heard about Time Magazine's 2011 Person of the Year is "The Protester"! I don't know about you, but I feel this acknowledgment is moving mass consciousness into a potentially positive direction.  I support those who are tired of being lead around by their noses by authoritarian leaders around the world.  And I think it is very powerful that their campaigns for equality are being acknowledged.  I must admit that some of these protesters became unnecessarily violent...but there's high emotion involved here.  For your consideration, I will direct you to a link by blogger, Elizabeth Flock from the Washing Post: Person of the Year 2011, and another article from the Huffington Post: Person of the Year 2011  both articles address the fact that protest vanguards from around the world share like-minded issues.

It is no surprise to those of us who understand the correlation between mass consciousness and our planet: they are linked emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. When one begins to change the other has to follow.  This doesn't mean that they belong to each other, on the contrary.  I believe that our Earth and humanity are akin to any two beings that are in a healthy, loving relationship; they must grow together or grow apart.  As our Earth continues to evolve, to change so that it can support an ascended race of beings - that would be us, by the way- humanity will continue to evolve.  And, part of that evolution is the need to be free of chains.  Will it get sticky? Will there be upsets and recoils? Will the forces that have controlled mass consciousness for thousands of years retaliate? Most likely, yes.  But, this is where the energy of The Protester becomes so powerful.  The Protester demands rigorous honesty from those in power.  The Protester demands elections that are not 'rigged' or government systems that are not corrupt.  These beings, whether they are independent or in groups, will become the voice of reason during many upheavals in society.
There is a man named, Gregg Braden, that some of you, I am sure, have heard of.  He is a world-renowned speaker whose claim to fame is 'bridging science and spirituality.'  I have decided to let you read one of his many hundreds of articles that speak of 'the shift.' Another term for the age that we are moving into and one of the reasons that humanity is beginning to find their 'voice' to speak out against tyrannical leaders and those who insist that we need to be 'dumbed down,' as a society so we are more easily lead.  “Knowing where we come from will help us get where we’re going.” by Gregg Braden

With this message from Gregg I will bid you adieu.  But remember, listen to the voice in your head.  If you meet someone on the street, in a bus, at work, in school, etc. who insists that you help promote a cause that you do not believe in, do not feel you must follow them.  Follow your own heart, your own passion, your own ideals.  This is a time of great change, but that doesn't mean we have to be a part of someone else's campaign.  But if you feel compelled to lend your voice, then do so with passion and confidence.
Love and light,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Good day!! And what a grand and glorious day it is.  Today I would like to share with you a message, delivered to the Aleut Elders on May 2, 2005, by Larry Merculieff (Aleut).  As I studied and researched for my book, Illuminating Crystal, and the subsequent books in the White Bird, series, (Illuminating Crystal being the first,) I came across this speech numerous times.  As you may recall, in Illuminating Crystal,  David Lange speaks of this very thing: the fifth age, the fifth world, or the fifth hoop, when once again he is explaining to Crystal her involvement in the evolution of humanity. This particular speech speaks specifically of the age of the Fifth Hoop, what many indigenous cultures believe is the age we are presently moving into. Being that all of my books address this very thing, I felt it appropriate to include this famous speech into my blog for you to read.  Larry speaks of the Stony Elders, the Tibetans and the Maori, all three represented in my novels, most specifically book three which is not yet released.  Remember, book one, Illuminating Crystal was only just released last September, and book two, Crystal Blue Sky, will be released next July, 2012.  You can look for book three, Little Blue Star, being released early 2013.  Okay, now I've gotten ahead of myself.  Let's go back to my message of the day: The Fifth Age.  Below you will find Larry's address to the Aleut Elders retrieved from . The beautiful image I've included was retrieved from this same website. After this speech, you can view a video of Larry as he shares a story from his childhood.
Have a beautiful day!!

The Four Sacred Stone Tablets - Hopi & Tibetan Prophecy
An Address by Larry Merculieff to the Aleut Elders in Alaska
2005 05 02

The Hopi and Maori sent a messenger, her name was Beverly, to meet me when I was up in Canada. The messages come from the Hopi, Maori and the Stony Elders, who are part of the great Sioux Nation in Alberta, also from the White Bison Society. I will explain what this is.

What the Hopi [and the] Maori wanted us to know here in Alaska and all the villages, is that we are moving into the what they call the World of the 5th Hoop. The Navajo called it moving into the 5th World. Maybe amongst some of the elders of the Athabascan people there are similar things that are being said about this time. It is a message of hope. They know of the sicknesses that made them suffer. They know of the fights that have been going on between the organization and the villages. They know of the struggle between villages and within regions and between regions. They know about the alcohol abuse and accidental deaths due to alcohol, the suicides, the high blood pressure, failing health, heart problems, all these things that our people in Alaska have been facing. In my years working for my people, I have traveled all over the State. And it is pretty much the same everywhere... the kind of problems we are experiencing. 

That is not what this message is about. They know about our business in the villages. This message is a message of hope. They say that moving into this time, of the World of the 5th Hoop, is a time when all the four sacred powers are going to be reconnected. They are the red-white-black-yellow. They wanted me to know that, among the Hopi, they are the keepers of the sacred stone tablets for the sacred red power - that includes all of us. They wanted me to know that they have the sacred stone tablets in Tibet, in the mountains, kept by the Tibetan Monks, in the same way that the Tibetans have their sacred stone tablet with the Hopi. 

There are four sacred stone tablets that were given. The sacred black color has theirs in a small village in Africa. They cannot exchange it with the sacred white color because they lost theirs. But the Hopi wisdom keepers say that they are soon to find this stone. Very soon in this time. If you look at the maps where the people of Hopi live and Tibetans live, [it] is exactly on opposite parts of the world of the Mother Earth. The Hopi word for love is the Tibetan word for hate. And the Tibetan word for love is the Hopi word for hate. The same word, but exactly opposite meanings. They say that this is necessary to help keep the balance of Mother Earth. And that there are keepers of this balance that are around the world like us. 

In moving into this time of the World of the 5th Hoop, it is going to be a time of great healing. There is going to be great healing that is going to start, and the Hopi say that it is going to start in the North. I have learned just recently that it is going to start in Alaska. 

The Hopi told me that this time of great healing is going to be shown by several signs. One is when a hoop of a hundred eagle feathers is completed. And I have met the person from the White Bison Society in Colorado, who are the keepers of this hoop. I met the person while I was in Anchorage. While we were having dinner, a lady came in from Kodiak and she had an eagle feather in her hand. She said, "I know this had to go to some special place, and I guess it is you." And [she] gave it to this guy who was sitting there. His mouth dropped open. He could hardly speak. He said that this was the eagle feather that was to be the axle-- the center point in this hoop of 100 eagles that was described to him exactly by the wisdom keepers. The eagle feathers numbered 57 at that time. 

Since that time, two more [feathers] have come from Alaska. One from an all white eagle. This white eagle had called to this man. (This is true, as I was a witness.) He was a white man. He calls me up and he says, "I do not know why I am calling, but this morning I looked up in my yard and there were 13 ravens in a circle. And in the middle of the circle was an eagle." He said he knew that was pretty weird. He had never seen anything like it. The people in the village had never seen anything like this. This was just about a month and a half ago. He said that he had heard the story of the hoop of the 100 eagle feathers. He said, "That night the tribal chief delivered to me the dead eagle." That morning he saw the eagle alive, surrounded by 13 ravens, [but] that evening, it was delivered to the camp. He did not know why. And so he heard of the story and knew that, if he asked permission properly, one of these eagle feathers was to be delivered to this hoop. And so it was. A person who was on his way down to Colorado delivered the white eagle feather or the feather from a white eagle. So now there were two feathers delivered. 

In this time of healing, the message of hope from the Hopi [and] Maori and the Stony Elders, I was invited to Sacred Ceremony by the Stony Elders. The youngest was 77 and the oldest was 106. No one spoke any English during the whole time I was in the Sacred Ceremony, which lasted 3 hours. They spoke English one in the middle, and the person who spoke said "I am speaking English for the benefit of our friends from Alaska." We know that your people in Alaska, in many villages, believe that they have lost their culture, the cultural wisdom and their ways. We are praying to the Creator. We want you to know of the message that has been given to us so that you would take it back to Alaska. 

The message that they received for us is that our cultures are not dead. All the wisdom that has been collected in our cultures, since time immemorial, is being kept for us, waiting for us, to awaken in our spirits. We will awaken our spirits again. When that happens things will be revealed of the old wisdoms. Things that have been forgotten for a long time are going to be brought back; Art- Music- Song- Dance- Storytelling- Spiritual- Wisdom- knowledge, and the wisdom of how to work with Mother Earth, will all be restored. 

They also want us to know that among the Hopi and Maori there are people who do nothing but pray 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, every year of their lives. That is all they do. In rotation, they pray around the clock for other people. In this prayer is where they have seen some of these things that are about to happen. The healing that is going to take place, the advice that has been given to us, is "Seek not to fight evil-- do not fight it-- let goodness take its place." So when we see bad things happen and when we fight those bad things, what we do hurts everybody. Fighting evil has spiritual energies that go to the ends of universe, affects everybody in the community. 

When I come into community, I can feel the energies that are created. We are all affected by it. You know, sometimes you watch little kids when a stranger walks into the room [and], all of a sudden, the child just cries. Sometimes this happens, or, they love the stranger. What they are doing is taking their God given, Creator given, way of talents, skills, gifts, to feel the spirit of the other person. Because everybody give out these energies. So we have to, they say, be very careful. This is part of the wisdom amongst the great Athabascan People and most indigenous people throughout the world. We must take care of how we think-- how we feel. 

The signs of this time of healing that is to start are: 
When the children bring back the spirit to the village; when the young start speaking with the wisdom of the elders; when the leadership energies start shifting to the feminine side; when this hoop of the 100 eagles feathers gets completed. And when the White Bison shows up. These are all the signs of the movement from the 4th to the 5th Hoop. 

Now, I know that some of this is in language that you may have not heard in your lifetime. But I know inside, you will recognize these words to be true. Your intuition is going to tell you what I am saying is true. The world for the last 4,000 or so years has been stuck in the male energy side. The male energy is thinking from the brain. It is a management from the top down. It is more aggressive. It does not use intuition or feelings from the heart. It is a different kind of energy. It is not a bad energy. It is just different than the female energy. Female energy is healing, nurturing, loving, caring, touching, sharing. And that the world spiritual leaders know now that these energies have been male and now have shifted to the female side. 

The center of the top of the energy entrance to the Earth Mother is here through Alaska. The spiritual leaders say that a host, hosts of angels, are coming through Alaska-- spreading out throughout the world for this healing to take place. 

I see what is happening to our young people. I spent most of my life thinking I was a leader, for 25 years working for my people. I realized, when I finally woke up, I was not a leader because I was stuck in the same place with the same kind of sickness they had. 

Harold Napoleon, who wrote the book, The Way of the Human Being, talks about the Great Death. Why, people ask, are we suffering like this today? Why are our kids this way? Why are we having this alcohol problem? It is easy to understand when you get back in touch with your heart. Harold Napoleon talks about the time of the Great Death. My people faced it. Eighty percent of our people were wiped out in 50 years. We still have stories of those times. How many men can a musket ball kill? The Russians were betting about the Aleuts, so they lined them up back to back, shot point blank, and the answer is 9. There is one community where the Russians went to take all the women and girls for their sex slaves. The women and girls said, "No, this will be a violation of our spirit!" And they all got on top of a cliff and jumped, in mass, and died. There is a story in a village in Akutan, where it used to take a year to build meat boats from hide. It was one of the most sophisticated kayaks in the world. It took a year to build because it had to be dependable. They had to go out on the high seas for weeks on end. They knew this, and the Russians knew this. The fur traders, who were greedy, went into the village at night and destroyed all the boats. The village starved to death. There was one old woman who survived out of 300 people. 

So we have these stories. The first people who were killed among my people were the Shaman and their apprentices. Because of their religion, or way of life of spirituality, the Russians did not understand so they destroyed it. They thought it was a threat. Can you imagine our people who are survivors-- we are survivors here today, having gone through that time-- experiencing for 50 years, 8 out of 10 people dying in a horrible way? Your loved ones? Your grandchildren? Your children? Your mother? Your wives? Your husbands? [All] dying by horrible ways for 50 years? Year after year, seeing horrible death? And being subjected to all this? The American doctors have a name for this now, they call it Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. 

The Vietnam Vets have also experienced this syndrome. The veterans, when they came back from Vietnam, were depressed. They took drugs. They took alcohol. They withdrew from their relationships. They could not be close to people because it hurt too much. They did anything to escape their feeling and what they were thinking. When they did that, they separated from their spiritual side. When this happened, the depression started. So they experienced this in Vietnam after 2 or 3 years. Sometimes people had 4 trips over there. Our people experienced it for generations. Not only did we not have the support that the Vietnam Vets had, [but] they still had their culture intact when they came back. 

Our cultures were eliminated, or attempted to be destroyed. So that the survivors, who had survived, were without hope. Having gone through such misery and pain, the only thing they could do to defend themselves, the only way they knew how to defend themselves, was not to feel.

I know and I understand it. Harold Napoleon understood it. Many of you understand it. Because as a child, like many of our people, [I] grew up in a family the abused alcohol. And the first thing that I did as a child to defend myself was to shut off my feelings. They were shut off for over 20 years. And when that happened, it is a state of constant depression and addiction. Addictions can be cigarettes - alcohol - TV - noise; big loud music, and even thoughts could be an addiction. Anything to take us away from feeling right now the way we feel. We try to run away from it. That is what happening when you see a kid walk down the street with big earphones blasting and they are not hearing anything else because they do not want to be here. No. 

The wisdom keepers say that the only place to find the power of the Creator is to be present in this moment. If we have fears, we are projecting them into the future. Into a future time that does not even exist. If we have guilt, we are living in the past, for the past things we did. We are not living now. All the spiritual keepers, of all groups in the world, be they Buddhists, be they Islamic, be it part Red Pack, be it medicine pack-- you name it-- say [that] the only way to find the power that has been given to us from the Creator is to be here, now. Not to escape.

So you see, this addiction that has happened from the Great Death, the survivors are separated from their feelings. Can you imagine the kind of children they raised? It was hard for them to love and be close to another because they were afraid. "If I became too close and love somebody, they would be destroyed, and I would suffer the pain all over again. So, they stayed away from that feeling. Those kids grew up and had their own kids, and from generations to generation to generation, until today, we have the legacy the inheritance of this spiritual sickness that was given to us a long time ago. And so the answers from the wisdom keepers is to work at being present and that will first revive the key. 

The spiritual keepers also say that the first step towards healing yourself, before you can heal others or help heal others, is to love that which we may hate or who may hate me. We may hate ourselves. We may hate an organization. We may hate the people from outside who have interfered. We may hate somebody. The first step towards this healing is to stop the hate and turn it into love. And it will transform everything. This spiritual sickness that we have is going to move now. It is going to change. 

There are some predictions in the sacred stone tablets among the wisdom keepers about what is going to happen here in this World of the 5th Hoop. Not only are we going to have this healing but the Earth Mother is going to shake in a way that it has never shook before. It is going to move in a way it has never done before. There is going to be a lot of fear because of this, and the wisdom keepers want me to convey that, when this happens, we should not be afraid. Because, what is happening is that the Earth Mother is trying to help us remove the stuff that we have stuck in our bodies, inherited from the spiritual sickness of generations and generations out. And one of the ways that we do that is to scare the life out of us. This is why there is going to be time for healers. 

Healers are being called from all over. Women are now taking their place as the original healers around the world and some of the strongest original healers are starting here in Alaska. Not only [will there be] the shift to the feminine side of leadership, but the women are going to start taking their place as healers. I think this is an exciting time. The Dalai Lama went down to Yakutan during the last change of the moon, with all the spiritual leaders, to pray for this time of the shift, this time of healing. And he has 'chosen'-- and this is the words that they use, which are hard to understand-- he has chosen to take the spiritual energies that they have been keeping in Tibet and move them from Tibet and bring them here to Alaska. Which they did a few weeks ago. The reason they did this is because the Chinese are wiping out the Tibetan Monks and destroying all the temples. So the Dalai Lama moved its spiritual energy here to Alaska, because this is the place where the healing is going to start. And this is the place where all the Angels are coming in by hosts. This is the place where the hoop of a hundred eagle feathers will be finished. And, interestingly enough, some of the healing ways are being revived from all the cultures. People are being woken up. 

How do we start this healing? When you are quiet within yourself and you sit next to the river-- ask. Do not be afraid to ask. Ask the Creator. Ask whoever you feel is your higher power, "Please help me find the way because I do not know how to heal." "Make me your history." And when you ask that, with humility in your heart, you will get it. You will find it. And it will be given to you, you will see this healing starting to spread like wild fire. It is just exciting. Exciting to see. And the key to it is staying here, now. 

Now, last thing I am going to say: I ran the village corporation in St. Paul for 10 years. I was city manager for 4 years. We started from no economy out there. In 1983 the government pulled out. That was our only economy. They pulled out and we lost 80% of our jobs. That year we had 100 suicide attempts out of 600 people. We had 4 people who killed themselves. We had 3 who were murdered-- things that had not happened in our village for 150 years! The last person ever murdered in our village was over 150 years ago. And it all happened in this one year. Big shaking up. And we thought, the leadership thought-- including me-- that, if we worked to bring the economy back so that everybody got a good paying job, our kids would return to our village. And that it would solve our problems. We had [a] growing alcohol problem, 60% of population [were[ alcoholic and 1/3 of our kids have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. We had suicide attempts all the time. I have been to 44 funerals here in 4 years-- 44 funerals! Goodness sakes. 

So what we learned from this and what I want to share with you is what happened when we got our economy [back]. We have the strongest rural economy in the State of Alaska right now. Our per capita income is $34,000.00-- $34,000.00 per person! That is what was accomplished in 10 years. But did it solve our problems? No. The spiritual sickness is still going on. The money only feeds the addiction. We have a community that is already addicted in some way because of the spiritual sickness. We have inherited this sickness from the time of the Great Death. 

Bringing money in, in large numbers, will fuel the addictions just like gasoline to fire. It will make it worse. Bigger. Because it is what we do with the money. Look at St. Paul. We are buying cars. Everybody has got a car now. We bought, maybe, 300 cars in last 3 years. Everybody has got 1 or 2 TV sets-- big ones. Everybody has got 4-wheelers. Everybody has got boats. Everybody has got nice clothes. Everybody has got nice houses. Things. Everybody has got things. But yet they are saying, "We are not happy. What is wrong?" What is wrong is [that] we were looking outside for feeding for a hunger inside-- a hunger that we did not understand. And that hunger is the hunger of the spirit.

When we have addictions, it is a hunger to fill the spirit. It is like a big stomach inside you that wants to feed all of the time. And no matter how much we feed it with these addictions, [it] is never enough. And it just goes down and down and we get so depressed that we feel we can not get out of it. At that point, you die either physically or your die spiritually. Hopefully, many people will not have to go through that. 

So, that is the message that I have brought to you. This is a message of hope and a message of good wisdom. Remember, our cultures are not lost. The wisdom of it is already here with us. We just do not know it yet, because we are spiritually sleeping. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Good day to all of you. As promised in my first blog, I intend on posting various blogs about topics that my book,"Illuminating Crystal," covers. For this blog, we're going to explore the natural, scientific and esoteric energies of earth's magnetic grid. In my book, the physics professor, David Lange, touches on this topic when he is trying to convince Crystal, the book's main character, that she is very, very important in humanity's evolution.  He explains that the earth has advanced into a new vibrational energy; this has a lot to do with the earth's magetic grid and I am excited to share some information that I have gleaned from various sources. But first, let's talk about what this means: the earth's magnetic grid is shifting.  We'll decouple this sentence and talk first about earth's magnetic grid.

Most of us probably first think about earth's magnetic field; that which protects both the earth and its inhabitants from galactic forces such as solar winds, solar flares, and of course the energy of the sun itself, powered by nuclear fission reactions. But we're not talking about earth's magnetic field, and we're not talking about the latitudinal and longitudinal lines which man has used for centuries to make maps.  We are talking about something more profound than cartography and coordinates, we're talking about primary energy lines that ancients used for thousands of years as a primary power source.  To learn more about this, I have inserted a link to an article by, David Hatcher Childress: a fascinating account of our world's magnetic grid and how it has been used over the centuries. Click here: Earth's ancient grid

Now, did you read the article? Good. Might I point out to you that the author alluded to earth as the "Crystalline Planet?" If you click on the article beside this heading, zooming it in, you can read where he includes the research of the three Russian scientists who ask the question, "Is the earth a large crystal?" They then followed up with the idea that the earth had begun life as a crystal, slowly molding into the spheroid it is today.  Fascinating! I happen to love this particular find because my book, "Illuminating Crystal," alludes to this same premise.  And mind you, I did not get my information from the Russians :-) But I promise you, I would admit it if I had. If you have further questions, you should probably find some of your own answers.  After all, we are all learning how to become experts in the esoteric field. Right?

Okay, now we'll talk about the magnetic ''crystalline" grid 'shifting.'  What does this mean exactly? For this piece of information, I will refer you to a channeling by Kryon, one of my master teachers. Some know this entity as the Kryon of Magnetic Service, but don't let this esoteric description confuse you, the message given is extremely profound, explaining situations that have baffled the scientific community for centuries.  Click here: Grid Shift.  If you still have questions, visit Lee Carrol's website @ and read as many channelings as you can squeeze in. Or, you can listen via the website's MP3 player format.

Now, let's look at this 'shift' from another angle. The angle from earth's two magnetic poles: The North Pole and The South Pole.  Adherents to terrestrial pole role reversal theory feel that our earth is ready for another of these pole reversals, equating these reversals to the various 'Ages' the earth has known.  These reversals caused cataclysmic destruction with the last shift occurring approx. 12,400 years ago. Is all this talk, prophecy or prediction? To explore further, follow this link to consider for yourself: Pole Shift 
Now that you've read this, for those of you have read my book, you may remember the passage that declares we are out of danger of this shift occurring once again. Why? Because of the particular event that occurred 23 years ago where 144,000 souls prayed for peace worldwide, catapulting our beautiful earth into a new chapter without having to destroy all those upon her back.  Look for my next posting to explore this amazing chapter in humanity's history further.      

For now, farewell my 'warriors of light.' May your day be filled with wonder and profoundness!!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


In the spirit of giving thanks, I'd like to take a moment and thank those who have made my life rich, full and packed with drama, adventure, love and enlightenment. 
Family...of course because that's where it all starts. From day one, I was accepted into a family unit and remain there to this day as a sister, daughter, granddaughter and friend. My own latent talents were not over-shadowed by my parent's need for me to conform, but rather they understood that I was a bit 'different' and they allowed me the freedom to explore my world, even though at times I "crawled on my belly like a reptile" through life, I knew that once I came up for air and asked for 'help' they would support me and offer me shelter or love when I needed it most ~ Thank you mom, dad, big sis, and baby bro! 
And now to my own family, my two daughters who have joined me on this fantastic journey of life.  Whether they know this or not, we made a spiritual agreement, lifetimes ago when celestial families formed.  Like my birth family, my parents and siblings, my spiritual family that I've never not known, whether I was the father, brother, sister or mother, we've traveled in a unit, learning from each other and growing together spiritually; my own daughters have travelled along, but this time I got to be the 'mama.' And what a ride it's been.  I cannot imagine my life without these beautiful girls, even though I must admit it can be challenging, but as anyone who has raised children can attest; if it's not worth fighting for, it's not worth having.  Thank you, Lucy and Mouse, for joining me, for accepting me for who I am, and for choosing to be here, on this beautiful planet at this most amazing time in history.
Friends...even though I do not believe the saying, "you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family,"--only for the simple fact that we all have the ultimate choice in everything, there are no mistakes, no accidents...EVER...--Thank you. I have at some point chosen life-long friends who I couldn't imagine not having in my life.  My girls, all different in nature, physique, talent, background and lifestyle, are the most generous, loving, free-spirited and strong women that a gal could hope to know.  I've always been the one to look at the world a little differently, offer up bits of information that to some would seem 'whacky' and 'way out,' but my girls never looked at me with disdain or disbelief, rather they smiled and wondered quietly to themselves, "what the hell is she talking about?" As the years have gone by, I do believe that now they understand and are beginning their own journey through life, seeking out those different answers that the material world cannot offer, but their own inner voice can.  I'm here, my lovely ladies when times get tough and the going gets onerous...I'll walk with you in the dark and offer my 'match' to light the way....just like you did for me when I took the dark journey through life.
Masters and channelers.  Kryon, Tobias, Adamas, St. Germaine, Kuthumi, The Group, Gaia, and their beautiful and strong human counter-parts: thank you.  For the last 25 years, I have traveled here and there, exploring the unknown, delving into the mystery behind the veil, looking for my own part in this extraordinary journey called life, and you have been there for me when I truly believed that maybe I needed to go back, 'to go back home.' If I hadn't found you, or rather if you hadn't found me, I don't think I could have continued on in such a fashion that now, today, I have written my story down to share with the world.  I bow down to you in supplication and in thanks for your words that I carried with me, close to my heart, so that I could 'see' the world in a way that meant so much more to me.  I AM THAT I AM....thank you for showing me how special I really am. 'third' daughter, who is alive and well in the pages of my book and in my imagination.  She truly is real, no one can ever convince me of anything else....although for the last 14 months, she has been stuck on a ladder in Colorado, waiting to go down into the 'underworld.' But I've had to tell her to be patient, I have a few things I need to do before I can contine with our story...I need to do more research, I need to finish my sememster in school, I need to support Book One, Illuminating Crystal, and I promised her that it won't be long...she is an amazing girl. 
So there you have it, if I have forgotten anyone, somehow you have found yourself in these categories of my special friends and family and even though you don't see your name, you know you are there in my heart.
And, thank you, Paula.  I love you very much.
Peace, love and light.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011


What an amazing day...I can feel the changes already.  Can you? I hear the ancestors stirring, whispering our names.  They are telling us to "wake up," so that we may pay close attention to our world that is in the most magnificent shift ever experienced.  Lightworkers and Match Holders, it is time to spread your light and don't be afraid.  What might not have worked, ten, fifteen years ago, will work now.  You can bet on it.
Oh, I know, like you I was once extremely frightened to show myself to the world.  For at one time in my past I was harmed for this truth and that brought fear.
But now, the world is waiting for you to speak, to dance,to sing, to move.  Never in the history of humans has it been a better time to shine than it is now.  Don't worry about what might happen next.  Anticipate what is to happen now.  Like the butterfly here, the blue crystalline creature that has shed its cocoon, dazzle the world with your brilliance and don't be afraid.  Embrace your true self and jump in to your intention with both feet and don't look back.
For you, I had to write this before I retire.  I'm so excited to be alive!! When we came to this planet 30, 40, 50, 60 or more years ago, we knew that we might experience an apocalypse of doom, the energies then, before 1987, were set up for the world to shut down between 2000 and 2012.  But a miracle happened, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 changed all that and now we're on a course for enlightenment.  We only dreamed this could be possible, but we did it.  And now, the gifts that we brought from home are needed for those who are just beginning to open their eyes.  They need our words, our music, our art, our businesses, our educators and our politicians.  We know what needs to be done to balance our world.  We know the truth.  So tonight, dream the dream of love and harmony, of peace on earth where no wars can exist.  And love yourself for the beautiful light being that you are.
Good night,

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is one of the days that humans have been preparing and waiting for since the dawn of creation! Well, we made it folks, and not only did we make it, but we outdid ourselves in more ways than we can imagine!!


There are thousands of groups around the world in celebration, opening their hearts and their bodies to the celestial goodies coming their way.  This is a time where we will begin to align our bodies with our higher selves, we can do this because the energies of our planet are vibrating higher, allowing us to become closer to our celestial families where our higher selves reside.  Does this mean that our higher selves are living somewhere out in the galaxy? No. They are within our reach, but right on the other side of the veil...we know this because we talk to them all the time.  We rely on them in the quiet hours in meditation,  when we use our imagination and when we feel compassion for those we don't understand.
We have been on this journey for thousands of years, and old souls that we are have prepared for this day in the center of the 36 year cycle in which we cross that bridge from one age to the next.  Oh how truly lovely it is to be a part of this.  For many, you know this.  You feel that this is a time of quickening, awakening, unveiling to the true nature of the divine human.  

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, our sisters and brothers from the Pleiades came down to this planet and planted the seeds of biology that we carry within our DNA, and they have remained to witness this amazing shift that we are now in the middle of: The greatest compassionate shift in the history of humanity.  You feel these quickenings, these stirrings within that urge you to look within yourself for answers that you were once comfortable looking for in others. Your DNA is evolving to allow you to communicate with your higher self, just like the Avatars and the Masters before.  Your christed seed is awakening and now is the time to embrace your inner voice that will NEVER steer you wrong.  Practice this, test it out, make a choice and go forward even if it feels tenuous and unsteady.  If you are not met with closed doors, if the flow is an open channel, then continue in that direction.  Listen to your inner guidance system and make the change that you long for.  The energies are set up right now to assist you as they have never been before.  

Lightworkers and Match Holders, you know who you are, you spread the light, even the smallest bit, and it's time to accept who you are: You Are God Also. Creator beings who have graduated to a status where all beings in all galaxies watch and learn.  Gaia is responding to this new awakening and she loves you.
Celebrate this day be honoring yourself, your ancestors, your earth and humanity.
Congratulations! Now, plant your feet in and feel the energy of our earth as we propel ourselves into the next age!!

More information on these wonderful times can be found @:

Please take another look at my book trailer for, "Illuminating Crystal", my new novel which directly deals with this wonderful time in the evolution of humanity!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


You can purchase my book here!

I must declare I've been remiss with my postings as of late.  But, publishing a book and being a student has certainly taken some wind out of my sails.  But I can now say that my book, "Illuminating Crystal," is available for sale! The road was long and somewhat onerous, but so worth it as I am now able to share my story with Anyone who cares to read it.

 Please take this opportunity to view my book trailer, download a PDF from my website to read the first four chapters free and decide for yourself whether or not you'd like to jump into the world of Crystal Blue, where dreams are most common and fantasy becomes reality.
Follow the links below to view my trailer and read some sample chapters.  Follow the link at the beginning of my posting if you would like to purchase my novel.
And, Thank you!!  I promise that I won't be so long with my next post.  I have some fun material that I will be sharing with you, along with some websites that I find enlightening, thought provoking and mystical.
Oh, and remember, 11/11/11 is coming right up.  This will be a magical day and yes, I will post a blog that day in honor of these master sets of numbers.!

Visit my website to download the PDF

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'd like to introduce myself.  My name is Paula Mott-Berndt, and my pen name is PB Morlen. I am the author of the book, Illuminating Crystal, the first book in the White Bird series--the book is due to be released 10/10/2011!
Feel free to check out my website:

I have been writing for many years so I am very excited, to say the least, to finally share my books with the world.
My novel is about a young girl, Crystal Blue, who was born to illuminate humanity.  Because I have spent the last twenty-five years of my life, totally dedicated to discovering what it means to be 'human,' I decided to write a story based in reality but filled with supernatural events and fantastical characters. Ultimately, Crystal's story takes us on a world-wide journey of self-discovery and action-filled, fun.

 So what does that mean? discovering what it means to be 'human.' Well, humans, although very complex creatures at times, really are quite simple.  And, the more simple, the happier! This is what I've learned and therefore, I decided to write my story.  And, I have been writing this story for almost sixteen years, so let's just say, I have a lot to share, and I still have so much to learn.

And so, because there are so many different topics that my novel covers, I feel that I should give a quick run-down so that if any of you feel the need to learn more about these topics, or if would like to ask questions, you can be rest assured that I will be blogging about them weekly.
After all, I am extremely passionate about these topics and I would LOVE any comments, thoughts and/or clarifications if I have said anything in error.
The topics my books cover are:
  • current events, both the 'seen' and the 'unseen'--you'll know what I'm talking about once you read 
  • the book :-) 
  • Earth's Magnetic Grid is shifting
  • The Fifth Age /  The Fifth Hoop / The New Age / namely the age we are dawning into.
  • Ascension...while remaining on the planet
  • Earth's 12 overtones, or dimensions.
  • Ancient worlds 
  • Harmonic Convergence
  • Lost indigenous cultures
  • Mayan Factor / 2012 
  • The 12 layers of DNA  
  • Pineal Gland adjustment
  • Ancient Sacred Knowledge...The true nature of what it is to be divinely human.
  • Divine Feminine Wisdom / Kundalini Energy
  • Sacred Totems / Animal Powers
  • Earth events, ie. Earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes, solar flares, solar winds, fires, celestial phenomena..remember the spiral over Norway? 
  • Famous writers--my novel's main character, Crystal Blue, loves to read!!
  • The Akashic Records
  • Crystals--the stones that hold the highest vibration.
  • Lemuria
  • The Pleiades
  • Orion
  • Sirius--A and B
  • and much, much more as each book in the series is released....which by the way will be no less than five.
I invite you to return at any time and make any suggestions.  I love our world, our earth and humanity and I think we are going in the right direction even though it seems quite chaotic.  This is all part of the ascension age moving into another is never easy.  
As a matter of fact, most native cultures have creation stories that speak of these ages, and the last was over 12,000 years ago...we are moving into the next one now as you can probably tell.  There are many, many wonderful websites that you can visit that talk about these creation myths--which I, by the way, believe are more fact than fiction.  Just 'google' creation myths and a whole bunch will pop up.
Enjoy your week surfing the net and tell me some stories that you find. Please visit any of the websites listed at the top of my blog as they are probably filled with the wisest pieces of informational knowledge that I know of.
So for now, Namaste!
Oh, by the way, the link below is one that I surf often for information.  I have found it quite valuable, exciting and informative.