Monday, August 26, 2013


Greetings ~
Have you noticed people acting more strangely this month? Saying or doing things out of character? Maybe you yourself have been acting oddly, feeling irritable, irrational, and sensitive to others. Most likely, this is due to challenging energies that trigger explosive reactions even in the most calm of people.  August has already seen an incredible amount of astrological events, with two full moons.  So, why is this happening now?
There have been whispers swirling around of a grand celestial event in our skies, speaking
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of major celestial bodies moving into place to form a six-pointed star, allowing a portal to open to bring in another strong infusion of light to our planet, allowing humans, once again, to consciously and collectively connect to the divine.  

Two grand sextiles  have occurred this summer. The first occurred on 7/29, the next 8/25 finalizing on the 26th of August. Today. For those of you who would like a bit more information, and would like to meditate with this energy, visit: The Sacred Ascension website.
Now, many of you will ask, as I already have, what does this all mean? What is a sextile and why is this one grand? Here is wikipedia's definition, basic at best: "In astrology, the grand sextile is an aspect pattern made between six planets or other stellar bodies, which are all placed approximately or exactly 60 degrees apart from each other, forming six sextiles."

Then we ask, why is this important? Well, for many, this six-pointed star represents the Star of David, or the star tetrahedon; many names and much symbolism is tied into this Sacred Geometry. The essence is that this magical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is available for all to use and tune into. for more information about the star tetrahedon and Sacred Geometry, check out this website: Mysticmamma.

Okay, now the second question, what's so important about today? Here in an article title, "A Cosmic Gift Like None Before It," is how Sara Varcas sees it.  Click on the article to read, and afterwards, visit her website:

Today is a mystical, magical day, welcoming the cosmic shift happening all around us as we lightworkers continue to carry the torch.
Have a beautiful day.