Friday, December 16, 2011

Author Talk & Book Signing

Hello All!
I want to invite you all to my first Author Talk and Book Signing for my novel, "Illuminating Crystal."  The event will be held on Sunday, January 15 from 1 - 3 p.m.  The fabulous book store Magus Books & Herbs is hosting this event for me.  Their address is 1309 1/2 4th Street. Minneapolis, MN.  Follow this link for directions and information about this store. Magus Books.
I want to say that it is incredibly apropos that my first Author Talk and Book Signing will be held in this book store, and I'll tell you why.  When I began this novel more than fifteen years ago, I knew that I wanted to set my story in the city of Minneapolis; why I don't know, I just did.  It felt right.  And so, my character Crystal, in the first pages, is walking down 4th Street in Dinkytown (the thriving community just north of Minneapolis that surrounds the city's college campus), and she comes upon a bookstore with a purple door.  Now, let me say  that I saw all of this in my head.  I had been to Dinkytown once, maybe twice as a college student, but I only drove through, never really paying much attention to any stores or restaurants.
So here's where it gets cool.  The Magus Book store is on 4th street, right? And, it has a purple door! And, it happens to be a favorite store of my daughters, Claire and Madelynn.
So, can you gather where this is going?
Let's back up a bit, one day last fall right before I released my book, my daughter Claire calls me on the phone.  "Mom! You'll never believe where I am.  I'm at this really cool bookstore in Dinkytown that has a bunch of crystals and stuff.  I think you should sell your book here; I think it will fit right in!" (As of yet my daughters have not read my book.  Will they ever? I don't know.  I think it's a mom-daughter thing.  But they know the jist of my story as I've talked about it with them for fifteen years).
Anyway, I ask Claire, "What's the name of the store?" She says, "Magus Books." I pause and wonder to myself, where have I heard of this place before? Then I remember that I am 'friends' with SchaOn Blodgett on FB, the bookstore's event planner and I was intending on contacting him, but as yet I didn't know where the store was located, I just really liked the name of the book store.  And then, only a few weeks later, a few days after the release of my book, SchaOn contacts me and invites me to talk about my book. (I still don't know the bookstore has a purple door.)
Well, now it's all coming together in my head as very serendipitous, as many things about my book have proven over the last few years.  (I'll be talking about these 'fey' events during my author talk!) I contact ShaOn and accept the invitation and when I learned that the bookstore's front door was purple, well, I had to laugh.  For those of you who have read my book, you'll understand why this is such a kismet kind of a thing.  The only thing is, you won't find Cosmo and Adam, Crystal or Claire lurking around any corners. But if you come to my event, you will find me!
Enjoy your life!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Good Morning!! I'm sure by now we've all heard about Time Magazine's 2011 Person of the Year is "The Protester"! I don't know about you, but I feel this acknowledgment is moving mass consciousness into a potentially positive direction.  I support those who are tired of being lead around by their noses by authoritarian leaders around the world.  And I think it is very powerful that their campaigns for equality are being acknowledged.  I must admit that some of these protesters became unnecessarily violent...but there's high emotion involved here.  For your consideration, I will direct you to a link by blogger, Elizabeth Flock from the Washing Post: Person of the Year 2011, and another article from the Huffington Post: Person of the Year 2011  both articles address the fact that protest vanguards from around the world share like-minded issues.

It is no surprise to those of us who understand the correlation between mass consciousness and our planet: they are linked emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. When one begins to change the other has to follow.  This doesn't mean that they belong to each other, on the contrary.  I believe that our Earth and humanity are akin to any two beings that are in a healthy, loving relationship; they must grow together or grow apart.  As our Earth continues to evolve, to change so that it can support an ascended race of beings - that would be us, by the way- humanity will continue to evolve.  And, part of that evolution is the need to be free of chains.  Will it get sticky? Will there be upsets and recoils? Will the forces that have controlled mass consciousness for thousands of years retaliate? Most likely, yes.  But, this is where the energy of The Protester becomes so powerful.  The Protester demands rigorous honesty from those in power.  The Protester demands elections that are not 'rigged' or government systems that are not corrupt.  These beings, whether they are independent or in groups, will become the voice of reason during many upheavals in society.
There is a man named, Gregg Braden, that some of you, I am sure, have heard of.  He is a world-renowned speaker whose claim to fame is 'bridging science and spirituality.'  I have decided to let you read one of his many hundreds of articles that speak of 'the shift.' Another term for the age that we are moving into and one of the reasons that humanity is beginning to find their 'voice' to speak out against tyrannical leaders and those who insist that we need to be 'dumbed down,' as a society so we are more easily lead.  “Knowing where we come from will help us get where we’re going.” by Gregg Braden

With this message from Gregg I will bid you adieu.  But remember, listen to the voice in your head.  If you meet someone on the street, in a bus, at work, in school, etc. who insists that you help promote a cause that you do not believe in, do not feel you must follow them.  Follow your own heart, your own passion, your own ideals.  This is a time of great change, but that doesn't mean we have to be a part of someone else's campaign.  But if you feel compelled to lend your voice, then do so with passion and confidence.
Love and light,