Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Since the release of my latest book, Blue Crystal Mountains, I have felt a little odd, like something
was wrong, or if not wrong, not right. I've felt incomplete, like something was missing. A heavy hand has laid over my heart and I've been walking around in a type of myopic fog. I've allowed the proverbial box to once again drop down around me, feeling isolated from the sunlight of the spirit.
Then I remembered. It's always like this after I send a book out into the world. I feel a sense of abandonment, like I've been left behind. I must attribute these feelings to insecurity or fear that my books will be ill-received or ignored. Musicians, artists, poets, actors and all other entertainers probably feel this type of uncertainty when they deliver a performance either written, sung, or acted. We're opening our hearts, exposing our vulnerabilities to the world and it's bloody scary. After all, human nature yearns for acceptance and/or acclaim. Not only that: A writer, musician, painter, etc. builds extremely strong connections with their work and when they are released into the world, it can sometimes feel like a child is gone, never to return. We've nurtured them as best we could, given them our hearts and wisdom and now it's up to them to find their way. But it's up to me to trust that they will be okay and that whatever happens next, good or bad, at any moment I can close my eyes and take the hand of my personal God and feel her benevolence. Whatever I've done is good enough for her and should be for me too. There is nothing frightening or scary about my God. My personal God is benevolent, tolerant, patient, and knows that my purpose for being on this planet at this point in time is not only to write books, but to be a Warrior of Light. And I sincerely believe every human being has this same connection spiritually to something divine that makes sense to them; the land, a prophet, or whatever, they can take the hand of this God and feel love.
This morning, and yesterday as a matter of fact, I devoted a few hours to my favorite teacher: Kryon.  Lee Carroll has been channeling Kryon for almost 25 years and I've been listening and learning from these messages for almost as long. When I feel a type of disconnection, this is the hand that I reach for, reminding me time and again that I am not alone. Kryon, of course, is not my God, but always re-directs me back to the source. And then I re-establish my own spiritual connection and instead of searching the exterior world for approval, I am reminded of the things I know but tend to forget when I'm feeling insecure and vulnerable.
As Kryon said in his latest channel while sitting at the base of the beautiful red rock "Uluru" in the
Northern Territory of Australia: "The air has been purified and templated with intent. The discovery of this day is that we have an alliance with more than we think. When we sit on unspoiled land, such as this, the messages of the ancients are clear." 
There is so much more going on at this moment than we could ever know. The eyes of billions of souls are watching the human being on the planet of free choice, waiting to see what we will do next.  Lightworker that I am, along with thousands of others now walking this planet, I need to see beyond that box I've built around myself that reflects my reality back as 3D. We need to understand, today, that our thoughts have energy. It's more than just energy; it's physics. Consciousness can be measured and seen for its beauty and strength.  We as human beings are passing into the realm of knowledge, realizing there is a much bigger scenario of the creation of God. Kryon reminded me...again...If consciousness has energy, the box I've build around me that is my reality can stop this energy and when I allow the box to disappear, a world opens up that I do not know anything about, on a conscious level. And when that box is removed and I am open to new concepts the message I receive will be clear. 
After listening to Kryon I felt much better. I took a long, deep breath and remembered why I am writing my books. It is not for acclaim or applause or even worldwide recognition, which of course would be nice, but frankly and in all honesty, it is to tell a story about the ancients and their messages. I must not attach myself to the outcome of the book and what happens after I release it, but to be proud of myself for doing that which I came here to do. I'm sure with the release of subsequent books, of which there are at least three more in the series, I will once again feel bereft and a little lost for awhile, but that's to be expected. I love my characters and my story with all my heart and when I am done with a book I grieve for those moments writing it. While writing, I'm swept away on Crystal's journey along with her and I can only be grateful for I learn a great deal about myself and the exotic places Crystal travels to. 
I've learned along the way that each of us have long lineages of ancestors and we've shared lifetimes with them. In my books, within each message are secrets to how we can survive and thrive in the coming changes ahead.  At this time in our history, we are the designated ascendees of our ancestors. Each one of us has chosen to be here, representing our ancestors. Humanity is on the cusp of a magnificent shift the middle of which was 12/12/12 with the Procession of the Equinoxes. Eighteen years before this date the shift began, and there are eighteen years left.  The ancients who created the calendars have given us the schedule. Free choice will determine how long it will really take and this is the Lightworkers's reason for being here. And my particular method of sharing my light is within my books and the stories of the ancient cultures around the world that Crystal Blue meets. The sooner humanity discovers, for themselves, how powerful they are, the sooner the shift will be complete. Within each of the ancient's messages are ways to discover this personal power and put it to use both to enrich their own life and their families, and ultimately enriching our planet and her health.
All ancestors of different colors and cultures are now asking to be discovered as realized as one family. The days of separation are leaving and we will discover we are family no matter the color. We can look upon differences as not strange or odd but as something to discover that we want to know. Respect for other's belief systems will be a staple of human life. We see in our cities and across the globe the separation of light and dark are becoming more prominent as the last gasp of evil struggles for breath. The melding of cultures is not hard with benevolence and with understnding and discovery. And when I discover these things for myself, this changes the energy and consciousness of my space. In turn, the earth recognizes this and leaves an imprint of this understanding and acceptance for future generations to learn from. As a Warrior of Light, this knowledge is immediately directed into the Crystalline Grid of the planet to be accessed for the next generation of souls. Much like my character Crystal Blue, an Avatar whose mission is to travel the world and unveil ancient secrets, we too have this power and that is why the Lightworker is here.   Changing from one energy to another is always difficult. Warriors  of light will make a difference because we are willing to listen to the ancients. Not to copy their concepts, but their compassionate actions. Warriors of Light are, by nature, curious and often second-guess themselves. This is because we are Old Souls who lifetime after lifetime have been challenged with experience. Our self-worth is often hanging by a thread and we wonder if it is all worth it. I sincerely believe I have been on this planet and experienced no less than 1000 lifetimes, all different, all challenging, all excruciatingly painful, yet exhilarating at the same time. I must remind myself over and over that this lifetime is different. This is the one where within a generation we are ascending into the new human and the Warriors of Light, the Lightworkers are paving the way to peace and it is up to us to honor ourselves in the best way possible. This, I must do, by acknowledging to myself that I am worth it. I am open to receive all good things. I am compassionate. I am worthy. I do not need to look outside myself for this kind of recognition, but to merely say aloud: I am worthy to receive God's divine love and all this beautiful planet provides. I deserve to be here at this time in history where future generations will look back on and declare it one of the greatest, most memorable lifetimes in their ancestral history. This is the lifetime which will launch peace, accepting the feminine ways of cooperation and sustainability back into the fold. Science is beginning to embrace spirit and this is the moment the magic happens, when evolution goes quantum. 
I thank each and every one of you, whoever you are, wherever you may be and I welcome you into my family of Lightworkers. May the light of your ancestors guide you and show you the way home.
Here is the link to the Kryon channeling I referred to earlier: Kryon