Thursday, September 5, 2013


Good Morning!
As I look out my window, I reflect that summer is slowly slipping away, and it makes me sad.  Although I
love all the seasons, there's a particularly soft spot in my heart for the beautiful summer months, especially July, filled with hot, sunny days where you can wear as little clothing as possible, run in the hot sun, bike along flower-lined streets and paths, canoe in bright blue waters, watching the sun dance off the tops of the lulling waves.  I adore summer, hot summer, quiet summer, happy summer.  Sigh. Oh well, I must move on, otherwise I will become melancholy and that will just not do.
So, what to discuss today.  I don't know about you, but the energies this month have been confusing, irritating, stressful and a bit ornery, and sometimes I feel like I'm swimming through mud.  I say energies, meaning that invisible hand that seems to either caress or subdue, help or hinder, the energy in the air that seeps deep down into your soul, your gut, your heart.  Most often I dance with these energies, as that is what I've been taught, but lately I've been struggling and often times reflect on my own journey.
Early in the 80s decade, when I began seeking, entering the world of the metaphysical, I, along with my mother, began attending small gatherings, mostly consisting of healers, astrologers, writers, ministers, etc.  Soon, however, these gatherings began to grow, drawing people, like myself, who were your average human, other than there was a deep calling within, a voice asking for a bit more information, seeking, digging, demanding answers.
The question? Who am I and why am I here?
It seemed the more I yearned to know what mystery of life was this, the more irritated, or better yet, the more frustrated I became.  You see, there really is no answer anyone can give the seeker, they have to discover the answer on their own, but in the beginning, one cannot help but ask someone other than oneself.  Thus the frustration.  I detested the answer: No one else can answer the question but yourself.  How can this be? I fumed.  If I knew the answer, why would I ask it?  And so, the hunt began.  Over the river, through the woods, and across the pond I went, searching, seeking, asking, listening.  Finally, after I laid bare my soul, had my ego smashed to smithereens, built it back up again and paired it on an even keel with my spirit, I realized the truth.  I AM THAT I AM.  It is as simple as that.  After hours, hundreds upon hundreds, after listening and meeting Masters, those who can look upon humanity and filter our fears, desires, hopes and dreams, did I come to realize this simple truth.  Although those five words seem a bit obscure, vague and oftentimes irritating in their simplicity, saying them out loud, believing them, owning them, loving them can absolutely turn your life inside out.
Those who have studied the bible recognize these words from EXODUS 3:14 as the response God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for his name.
According to some who study and follow Buddhism and are familiar with the Buddha Nature Chart, the blueprint of your true identity,  the upper figure in the chart is your Divine Presence, known as the I AM THAT I AM.
According to Kryon, the DNA layer 6, like all the other eleven layers, has a Hebrew name, the sixth being, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh: I AM THAT I AM.
Followers and students of the Seven Sacred Flames, meditate daily, focusing on the different colors of the flames and their purpose, praying, intent on the I Am presence, the Divine Mind, the Mind of God, understanding that within each and every one of us is the presence of God.
But what about me? How do I interpret these five words? For me, the I AM THAT I AM, is a responsibility to myself to remember who I am, a Co-creator Being, owning my true nature as a spiritual being having a human experience, not bowing down to any other entity as superior to me, for within my true nature is all that is, all I need to know, without need to look any further for answers.  Now, this might seem, to some, a bit arrogant. But is it? Isn't this what the Masters have told us all along? What I seek I shall find within?
However, when I say: I AM THAT I AM, I am not claiming to be unique from the human race.  On the contrary, I am admitting to be a part of it, grand beings that we are, connected in more ways than we could ever imagine.  No matter what we were taught in Sunday school, by our parents, our teachers, our neighbors; we, as human beings are the grandest beings in all the universe, born without sin, and that statement in itself is a release.  Why? Because we are experiencing life on planet earth having forgotten who we truly are.  Brave souls that we are, we came to this planet to remember who we are, having dropped the 'veil of forgetfulness' down around us.  What better way is there to remember than to forget?
And so, as we walk out into the world, let us put on the cloak of grandness and remember who we are.  The energies are confusing because we are entering a time never experienced by humanity.  Before, in other ages, we got to this point in our evolution and we didn't survive.  In some fashion or another, we, as a  human race, save for a few hundred souls, perished, only to have to start over again.  But this time we don't have to do that.
Yes, we will become frustrated, confused, frightened, some of us even leaving the planet because it is difficult. But there are avenues to take which will make this time in history much easier.  Even though we are sovereign beings, we are never alone.  And, maybe this is the source of my sadness at the changing of the seasons. Maybe it's due to the change of the ages. I, for one, don't like change, it makes me uncomfortable, brings up bits of sadness from you youth.  Obviously, we live in changing times and it can be oftentimes sad, especially for those of us born before 1987 who still carry with them the residual energies we were born into (I'll explain this in a moment.) Fortunately, along with many other helpful souls, I have found this woman's daily reflections incredibly astute and look forward to her newsletters to help straighten out my day.  Her name is Sarah Varcas, her website is: Awakenings, and I am glad that I found her.
We are the bravest spiritual beings in all universes, all galaxies, because we trusted ourselves enough to go where no others spirits dared, to a place that was supposed to annihilate itself by the end of 1999.  We, those born before 1987, came to this planet to experience the End, but we changed all that, earth and humanity are now set on another course. And now, as earth and humanity enters into the Fifth Age, the age of Illumination, we can begin remembering who we are while still walking the earth.  We won't have to transcend, to die, to go back to where we came from in order to remember like we have so many times in the past.  We can stay here, in the grandest place the angels have ever known.  Our dear Tara, planet Earth, the bluest, most grandest home ever.
I love you all,