Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Good Morning! As I traveled around the news sources this morning, I happened upon an article from Scott.net: Signs of the Times.  I began reading the article, intrigued at the notion that these strange sounds being heard by people around the world are being attributed to the huge solar flares and the energy flows created by them, rushing towards Earth's surface to disrupt the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere.  But, as I continued reading, the article became much more intriguing because these scientists began discussing the possibility that the sounds might have come from Earth's inner core.  Now, because my theory (mind you this is not my theory alone, but many others share this notion as well) holds that these metallic, low-frequency noises are emanating from the center of our Earth, it tickles me that scientists might begin exploring the fact that our Earth's core is not a solid, molten sphere.  Of course they don't come right out and claim this, but my guess is that someday soon, they will begin looking more closely at the dynamics of Earth's inner core.

Now, you can ask me why I am so intrigued by all of this.  My answer of course would be that I am writing a series of novels in which characters from the first novel, Illuminating Crystal, describe an experience they had fifty years ago when they traveled to the center of the Earth--or so they claim.  Readers will have to discover for themselves if this trip is important to the plot as I like to challenge my readers, but nonetheless, I as the writer, am fascinated with Gaia, Earth's spirit, and I believe with all of my heart that she is getting ready to do a little dance, if you will.  She's done this before, and she'll do this again.  But I, along with many others, feel that she might be preparing to leave so that she can help create other Earths like ours.
Oh! You say.  Leave? Does that mean our earth will die? Well of course not.  We've passed the test and she's handing the reins over to us: finally.  She, a number of species, and many ancient energies, long-buried, are getting ready for another journey and they are leaving.  We are entering into a new age remember, and this time it is our turn.  The Hopi claim that we are entering into the age of the human.  We must be compassionate caretakers of our planet, each other, and the animals and plants which give so much back to us without thought for themselves.  Instead of taking from the Earth, the animals and the plants, we will need to start appreciating and sharing their energies, instead of it being a one-way street.  The good news is that this is already happening, even though it looks like our planet is going down the tubes, it's not.  More than ever before there are compassionate souls who are working with scientists, mathematicians, and engineers who are entrenched in the health and welfare of our planet and its' passengers: us.  Very soon we will begin hearing of these new discoveries, these new ways of growing food, building communities, and educating our children.  They are happening in small-pockets around the world but haven't yet garnered enough attention, but soon they will.

For your consideration, and because I feel the article I mentioned earlier, titled, Strange Sounds in the Sky Explained by Scientists,  is well-worth the read, I'll embed the link right here for easy viewing.  Click Here:
I don't know about you, but I love living in these times where so much is happening around our world.  We came here to play the game of being human and we've already won the game, we made it, we passed the test and we will not annihilate ourselves.  What once was a prophesy is now myth.  We aren't going anywhere. Even though Gaia is leaving, our Earth is not.

If any of you have thoughts or questions about any of the material that I have discussed, I would invite you to browse through three of my favorite websites where these topics are continually addressed.  These websites are: www.crimsoncircle.com, www.lightworker.com, and www.kryon.com.  All three are led by amazing men and women who have devoted themselves to the betterment of our world.  I am extremely proud and grateful to be a part of their families.

Remember to love yourself and embrace  your divinity, have fun every day and look upon others with compassionate eyes.
Love and Light,
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