Sunday, February 1, 2015


It isn't every day I get to converse with a young man living in India whose desires don't vary much from my own. But today I did. At the moment, he is reading my books and occasionally will send me questions regarding messages in my books. Today's discussion brought me back to a message delivered by a man named  Robert Morning Sky. When I was writing Book III in the White Bird Series, Little Blue Star, I knew I wanted to use Morning Sky's Ten Commandments of the Star Warrior. I sent Robert an email requesting his permission and he immediately responded, giving me his blessings. Every word written below are his words, not mine, but I was honored to be able to use them in my book and will forever be grateful to his wisdom.

As readers know, while Crystal Blue, my heroine in the White Bird Series books, travels the world she unveils sacred knowledge kept hidden for hundreds, even thousands of years, by secret societies. Now, as we enter the Fifth Age, it is time for these secrets to be revealed, allowing Mankind to embrace these ancient sets of technologies that will help them evolve into the next level of the human.
As I've told my readers, the story of Crystal Blue is mine to share with you, but the messages she discovers along her journey are not. I am, like Crystal, only the messenger.
Therefore, without any further adieu, for your reading pleasure and spiritual growth, I will share with you the Ten Commandments of the Star Warrior as delivered by Robert Morningsky, and also shared in my novel, Little Blue Star.

"To become a Star Warrior, you must first eliminate two concepts from your mind and spirit...Can't and Impossible. If you believe yourself inferior, you are. If you say to yourself, I cannot - you are right. If you say to yourself, I can - you are also right. To become who you wish to become, first establish who that person is and how they would act. Then, practice and rehearse everything that person would think and do.
"To become a deer, one must act, think, live and be as the deer - only then can the passion of the deer be yours. In other words, create yourself. Write a script for your own movie. The hero is you. In the script, write all those things you wish for yourself, all those things you would like to do or feel. Then, rehearse your script. Practice becoming the hero or heroine of your movie. Rehearse over and over again until you know the behavior instinctively. Slowly, you will begin to know how the hero acts and thinks. Slowly, you will become the hero of your movie and your life. The only way to become a runner is to begin running. The only way to become a writer is to begin writing. The only way to become passionate is to practice passion. Practice being that which you wish to be...and soon you shall become it.
"The Star Warrior follows a set of Ten Commandments that, when followed, can lead to a compassionate life.

  • Number one is: I AM BORN OF THE STARS. The stars were born of chaos. There shall always be chaos, but I shall always be a warrior. Only in challenge shall we find our greatest strengths and our weaknesses. Only in challenge shall our passions be made strong. The goal of life is outward development, not inner peace. Peace that brings no challenge means stagnation. Confidence in self - wrought through challenge - is TRUE peace.
  • Number two: I AM FIRE. I am passion and all that I do, I do with passion. Fire is passion. Passion is that inner force that distinguishes us from all others. Passion is that which makes the Bear become the Bear...never will you see the Bear trying to fly as the Eagle, for it is his passion to be the Bear. Passion is the gift that allows us to be what we wish. To do anything without passion is to go through the motions. To be passionless is to lose the fight of life. Those who have no fire are easy to conquer and manipulate. The study of physics and other sciences tells us that all things are comprised of atoms, which in turn, are comprised of electrons, protons and neutrons...all are particles of energy or electricity. This energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. From these very same particles, came the release of a basis of our existence, within our own bodies. Herein, science has revealed the existence of a force unlike any on this planet: the force which directs each one of us in our path. This is our passion, this is our gift.
  • Number three: I SEE THE FIRE IN ALL THINGS. All things possess fire. All things have spirit. The only difference between man and animal is that they wear different skins. The only difference between man and all things is the skin, or outer covering. In the Hopi world, the spirit of a thing is called katcina. It is the katcina that is the fire or passion. Those who can see and hear can learn from those katcinas around us. If you can communicate with another human being, you can communicate with the trees, the wind and all things of the earth.
  • Number four: I AM BUT A VISITOR IN THE LAND OF LIVING THINGS. The skin we wear is but a temporary robe.That part of us which is most important is the inner spirit, or the passion. Yet, we must never forget that we are guests in this land and we must conduct ourselves a such. We respect all that is here. That which we may receive in this place must be left here...things cannot be taken with us, but all of our riches that we have accumulated in memories and knowledge shall go with us forever.
  • Number five: I WALK THE PATH OF SILENCE. In the Song of the Morning Sky, there is a line that says 'live as though you cannot speak.' It means that what you do is more important that what you say. If you cannot speak, you must communicate your love and friendship through your actions. You must demonstrate that which you feel. Let your actions be your measure. Only in silence can you learn. He who talks does not hear - only in silence can you defeat your enemy. He who makes no noise is invisible.
  • Number six: I AM NOT SEEN OR HEARD, I AM ONLY FELT. The warrior must make himself felt. If he lives his life and th world has not felt him, he has failed. If he lives his life and grandfather has not felt him, he has failed. His passion must be experienced by others, not witnessed. He who uses his fire warms the world; he who shouts out his fire fill the world with nose. 
  • Number seven: I TAKE ONLY THAT WHICH I CAN RETURN. The balance of nature and harmony of the universe must be maintained. If the warrior takes a tree for use as a canoe, he must return and plant a seed to replace it. If a warrior takes an ear of corn, he must return and plant another. If a warrior takes a life, he must replace it. In days of old, if a man took the life of another, he returned and took care of the victim's wife and family. It was the civilized European immigrants who taught the Indian to take life without concern for repayment or maintaining the balance of nature.
  • Number eight: I CANNOT POSSESS, I CAN ONLY SHARE. Which of the fleas owns the dog? Which of the leaves owns the tree? If there can be such a thing as ownership, does not the grass have first claim to the land? Or cannot the trees make the same claims? The secret of possession is this: when you make a claim of possession...that which is claimed to be the possession is not the possessed, that distinction lies with the owner.
  • Number nine: I AM MY GRANDFATHER IN ALL WAYS. Grandfather is the name given to the Great Spirit. Grandfather is the name give the to the Universe. Grandfather is father of the man to whom I was born. The universe is Grandfather. In the entire universe all things are possible. To believe in Grandfather is to believe in all things. I am the Great Spirit, I am grandfather, I am the me all things are possible.
  •  Number ten: I AM THE ANSWER. The Warrior is an answer to a problem. She is not the answer, but one of many possible solutions. The Warrior is the first one into battle, the first one to sacrifice, the first one to step between her loved ones and danger. The warrior is a living example of passion.
You can explore the world of Robert Morning Sky by visiting his websites. I will put their links below.
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