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As some of you already know, I'm an author whose written three novels, "Illuminating Crystal," "Crystal Blue Sky," and "Little Blue Star," in the on-going fantasy/fiction/magical realism series titled, "The White Bird Series."  The books, of which there will be at least seven, are set in the year 2011, centering around my hero, an 18-year-old girl named Crystal Blue, born for a specific purpose: Crystal must travel the world, often times walking between worlds in inter-dimensional realms, meeting the ancients and revealing their secrets, preparing Mankind for the challenging years ahead as they and Earth plunge into and toward the greatest compassionate shift in the history of humanity. Or, in other words, transitioning from the Fourth Age into the Fifth.  Without writing the entire synopsis for "Illuminating Crystal," (which, by the way, you can find by clicking here,) revealing Crystal's purpose for being on the planet at this most auspicious time is pertinent to the topic of this blog: The Fifth Age and what it is. 
My books and what's really going on in the world today blend together in a way that makes it difficult to categorize them into a certain genre.  I tend to talk about my story and what's really happening in the world today as if both are real, and in a way they are.  You see, my character, Crystal Blue, has the unique power to walk between worlds. After finding an ancient manuscript in the basement of a bookstore, aptly named The Blue Crystal, she undergoes an intense transformation and the eleventh layer of her DNA is activated, and, her pineal gland is adjusted, changing her physical template, allowing her to walk between worlds, avoiding linear time parameters. She must walk these worlds to meet with the ancients in order to satisfy a contract made between her Star Ancestor and the ancient guardians of Earth. As Crystal travels this world and many others, she meets an assortment of Shaman, Medicine men and women, and other powerful figures who share ancient secrets; secrets meant to be shared with humanity but kept in darkness for centuries as these secrets are feared by powerful, dark energies that do not want Mankind to know how powerful they really are. Once Crystal learns of the secrets: the secrets of the divine human: she shares them with humanity via the Cosmic Lattice and they gain the wisdom of the Masters. This, as my books explain, are humanity's gift because they did not destroy themselves as ancient prophesies predicted.  
Billions of years ago, the earth was set up to support life on earth for a particular period of time, then, in order for humanity to evolve, earth was to be destroyed.  However, humanity fell in love with the blue planet and changed the course of humanity and Earth, proving all the ancient prophesies wrong which said: By the year 2000 the earth would begin shutting down, becoming a lifeless, black rock by the year 2012.  Well, guess what? We're still here! Due to an extraordinary event which developed under the prophesiers' radar, occurring in 1987, most notably known as, The Harmonic Convergence144,000 Lightworkers across the globe prayed for peace at the exact same moment, starting a shift in thinking and consciousness, launching humanity and Earth on a new course: A course for peace and subsequently allowing humanity and earth to transition into the next Age: The Fifth Age: The Fifth Hoop:The World of Illumination: The Age of Humanity, and this time, unlike times before, we don't have to die to make the transition.  Contrary to the doomsday, fear and drama mongers, we don't have to fear the Apocalypse. The scorched earth, Armageddon, the end of the Earth.  Well...It won't happen. And, what does this word, Apocalypse mean anyway? It was taken from a Greek word meaning "lifting of the veil."  That's exactly what's happening right now across the globe...the veil is lifting, the secrets of the ancients really are being revealed because we're waking up. We're beginning to remember who we are, where we've come from, and how divinely magnificent we really are. This is how our thinking is changing, how our consciousness is evolving into a higher dimension, a divine 5th dimensional level of consciousness. We are now in the process of moving upward and away from the present situation of believing that all humans are separate from God. 
So, in real life and in my novels, this is where we are this moment in time...October 30, 2013, just having passed a galactic alignment, the end of a 26,000-year astronomic cycle, winter solstice, 12/21/2012. Which, by the way, the ancients spoke of, they knew it was coming. The Egyptians knew about it, aligned their pyramids toward the stars. The Hopi, Aztecs, Toltecs, Druids, Incas and other indigenous wrote about it.  And, the Mayans developed their calendar accordingly, ending on 12/21/2012. (There are some theories swirling around that they didn't really end their calendar on this date as they gave some prophesies past 2012.)  Follow this link for more information about the Galactic Alignment and what this shift means to humanity and the universe.
Ancient groups spoke of these times as the great shift, not the end of times as modern doomsday sayers have been pronouncing and now look a bit foolish for having done so. However, we really are at the end of times, the end of an OLD time and the beginning of a new consciousness for the planet; a compassionate consciousness. Okay, so what does this mean? We've just come out of a 26,000-year astronomic cycle heading into what? As I mentioned before, the greatest compassionate shift in the history of humanity. Here is a quote taken directly from Book Three, Little Blue Star, explaining a bit about this new world.  Heather and Violet are Hopi women that Crystal and David, her traveling companion, are at the moment staying with.
“The Fourth World is passing away,” explained Heather. “At this moment in history, we’re passing into the Fifth World where the human race will begin transitioning from the current pattern of civilization to a radically-different way of living.”
“A world,” added Violet with a smile, “where society will be shaped by the feminine paths of cooperation and non-aggression: living in conscious harmony with nature's ways.
What Violet and Heather are saying is that the emergence, the reawakening of the divine, sacred feminine is at hand, necessary at this time to re-balance a world powered by excessive amounts of masculine energy, allowing humanity to transition back into oneness consciousness with God by the integration of the Divine Feminine into the hearts of every human being on the planet. In and of itself, divine masculine energy is wonderful for our existence, yet our world has become out of balance and this creates serious problems. A masculine driven society is shaped by the desire to achieve, having complete self-control, using only knowledge to make decisions, ignoring our intuition, acting without considering the ramifications of our decisions which clearly has harmed the planet in uncountable ways.  Divine Masculine energy is about obtaining, divine feminine energy is about receiving. Follow this link for an in-depth view of the Sacred Divine Feminine/Masculine.
Now, as we transition into this new Age, the Fifth World, the powers that be, both human and planetary, will be shaped by cooperation and non-aggression; aspects of the gentler side of humanity's nature, the divine feminine side, a source of gentleness and compassion, with attributes of stillness, intuition, receptivity, insight, creativity, forgiveness, healing and wisdom, giving comfort to those fearing we'll never find a solution to all the violence, war, poverty, disease, and illness so prevalent in today's society.  Coupled with, but not driven by the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine society is said to set us on a course for peace, bringing balance that is needed to the planet; a course where the planet can provide enough food for its population; a course where society understands another's viewpoint and need not go to war; a course where greed does not fuel those who pay the healers and the practitioners; a course where humanity cherishes its youth, ensuring its choices will not adversely affect the next seven generations to come.
And so, as we enter into this next phase of our existence, I cannot help but embrace the fact that we, as a human race, have achieved the impossible.  We've gone against every prophesy ever spoken that we would never be able to survive because we're too selfish.  On the contrary, we're wired, as a species, to comfort and find others to share stories with.  We're wired to be emotional, loving, helpful, creative creatures and, as I have said in my other blogs, we are the greatest beings in all the universe, bar none.  Every other being in the universe is watching us, encouraging us to succeed in this game called life.  I, for one, feel we've only just begun to play.