Saturday, November 12, 2011


What an amazing day...I can feel the changes already.  Can you? I hear the ancestors stirring, whispering our names.  They are telling us to "wake up," so that we may pay close attention to our world that is in the most magnificent shift ever experienced.  Lightworkers and Match Holders, it is time to spread your light and don't be afraid.  What might not have worked, ten, fifteen years ago, will work now.  You can bet on it.
Oh, I know, like you I was once extremely frightened to show myself to the world.  For at one time in my past I was harmed for this truth and that brought fear.
But now, the world is waiting for you to speak, to dance,to sing, to move.  Never in the history of humans has it been a better time to shine than it is now.  Don't worry about what might happen next.  Anticipate what is to happen now.  Like the butterfly here, the blue crystalline creature that has shed its cocoon, dazzle the world with your brilliance and don't be afraid.  Embrace your true self and jump in to your intention with both feet and don't look back.
For you, I had to write this before I retire.  I'm so excited to be alive!! When we came to this planet 30, 40, 50, 60 or more years ago, we knew that we might experience an apocalypse of doom, the energies then, before 1987, were set up for the world to shut down between 2000 and 2012.  But a miracle happened, the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 changed all that and now we're on a course for enlightenment.  We only dreamed this could be possible, but we did it.  And now, the gifts that we brought from home are needed for those who are just beginning to open their eyes.  They need our words, our music, our art, our businesses, our educators and our politicians.  We know what needs to be done to balance our world.  We know the truth.  So tonight, dream the dream of love and harmony, of peace on earth where no wars can exist.  And love yourself for the beautiful light being that you are.
Good night,

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is one of the days that humans have been preparing and waiting for since the dawn of creation! Well, we made it folks, and not only did we make it, but we outdid ourselves in more ways than we can imagine!!


There are thousands of groups around the world in celebration, opening their hearts and their bodies to the celestial goodies coming their way.  This is a time where we will begin to align our bodies with our higher selves, we can do this because the energies of our planet are vibrating higher, allowing us to become closer to our celestial families where our higher selves reside.  Does this mean that our higher selves are living somewhere out in the galaxy? No. They are within our reach, but right on the other side of the veil...we know this because we talk to them all the time.  We rely on them in the quiet hours in meditation,  when we use our imagination and when we feel compassion for those we don't understand.
We have been on this journey for thousands of years, and old souls that we are have prepared for this day in the center of the 36 year cycle in which we cross that bridge from one age to the next.  Oh how truly lovely it is to be a part of this.  For many, you know this.  You feel that this is a time of quickening, awakening, unveiling to the true nature of the divine human.  

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, our sisters and brothers from the Pleiades came down to this planet and planted the seeds of biology that we carry within our DNA, and they have remained to witness this amazing shift that we are now in the middle of: The greatest compassionate shift in the history of humanity.  You feel these quickenings, these stirrings within that urge you to look within yourself for answers that you were once comfortable looking for in others. Your DNA is evolving to allow you to communicate with your higher self, just like the Avatars and the Masters before.  Your christed seed is awakening and now is the time to embrace your inner voice that will NEVER steer you wrong.  Practice this, test it out, make a choice and go forward even if it feels tenuous and unsteady.  If you are not met with closed doors, if the flow is an open channel, then continue in that direction.  Listen to your inner guidance system and make the change that you long for.  The energies are set up right now to assist you as they have never been before.  

Lightworkers and Match Holders, you know who you are, you spread the light, even the smallest bit, and it's time to accept who you are: You Are God Also. Creator beings who have graduated to a status where all beings in all galaxies watch and learn.  Gaia is responding to this new awakening and she loves you.
Celebrate this day be honoring yourself, your ancestors, your earth and humanity.
Congratulations! Now, plant your feet in and feel the energy of our earth as we propel ourselves into the next age!!

More information on these wonderful times can be found @:

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Sunday, November 6, 2011


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I must declare I've been remiss with my postings as of late.  But, publishing a book and being a student has certainly taken some wind out of my sails.  But I can now say that my book, "Illuminating Crystal," is available for sale! The road was long and somewhat onerous, but so worth it as I am now able to share my story with Anyone who cares to read it.

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And, Thank you!!  I promise that I won't be so long with my next post.  I have some fun material that I will be sharing with you, along with some websites that I find enlightening, thought provoking and mystical.
Oh, and remember, 11/11/11 is coming right up.  This will be a magical day and yes, I will post a blog that day in honor of these master sets of numbers.!

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