Monday, March 24, 2014

Cheers! Starting today 3/24, and ending Friday 3/28,  as part of Amazon's KDP select program, Book One in my fantasy / Coming of Age White Bird Series, Illuminating Crystal, is free to download on Amazon with any ebook reading device. I love these free giveaways because it's a good way for readers to stuff their libraries with books. So, in honor of this week, I have decided to include in my blog something I've not done before--Satisfied reader reviews. Therefore, for your reading pleasure, out of 12 reviews, here are a handful of 4-5 star reviews posted on Amazon. After that, I've included a list of 7 character descriptions, highlighting important character qualities, strengths, and how these characters are related.
But remember, I have published three books in the ongoing series, with many more to come. Then, if you decide to visit Amazon, click this link and you can download Illuminating Crystal for free! 
  • Illuminating Crystal drew me into a fascinating world of characters, some menacing, some innocent. The story unfolds in a way that challenges you as a reader to sit up and pay attention to Crystal's journey which includes many clues and hidden meanings that become apparent later on. There is no shortage of mystical and magical imagery which made it hard to put the book down. When I finished it, I couldn't wait to see what was around the corner for Crystal and the many characters intertwined in her life and adventures. PB Morlen opens the door to a new way of looking at life's experiences. It made me think about what I would do if I were in Crystal's shoes....would I want to set my idea of life aside to follow a "calling?" Read it and decide for yourself! ~ 5-star Reader Review.

  • I just finished reading Illuminating Crystal for the second time. I loved it the first time, and, as the song lyric says, love is lovelier the second time around. In these times of stress in the outer world, if you are looking for a book to take you away on a grand adventure, this will do it. The author's style creates a world where I would like to live. The adventure will unfold in the rest of the series, and I look forward to it. As an aside, I also enjoyed the proverbs from different cultures at the beginning of each chapter which helped to set the mood. My favorite was 'Thousands of years ago cats were worshipped as Gods. Cats have never forgotten this.' 5-star Reader Review

  • This was an unusual tale to be sure. Yes it is a fantasy and magic things happen and there are bad guys. But it was the premise or main theme that grabbed me the most. As much as you want to believe that this is all make believe, there are parts where I found myself thinking "hmmm, this could just very well happen, in fact very well might be happening."

    I loved watching as each secret was unveiled and how seeming unconnected people were in fact all connected to Crystal and her destiny. There are some very good messages hidden within the magic and power struggles and I am on my way to get the next two books in the series to see how it all turns out. 4-star Reader Review

  • This is not my usual genre and I really didn’t think I would like it….but I was so wrong!! I loved this book!! I quickly fell in love with all the unique characters. Their stories all intertwined with a good mixture of fantasy and "new-age" spirituality. I’m looking forward to reading more from this author. ~5-Star Reader Review

  • My dad bought me this book for Christmas last year, and I got hooked on it from the moment I started reading. I have read it twice now, and it is still such an amazing read. The characters are well developed and really helped add to the story. I found myself engrossed in the adventures of Crystal and her friends and I couldn't get myself to put the book down until I'd reached the end! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something good to read. 5-Star Reader Review

  • I was honestly not expecting much from this book. I had read many others about the vibrations and a changing earth, humanity's chance to gain compassion and move to a higher existence or perish. Most of those had been very preachy and just not an enjoyable read. This, however, was an absolutely wonderful book. The mixture of fantasy and "new-age" spirituality was done so well, and did not try to force any new belief onto the reader, instead it seemed to mesh into the reader's heart.
    I fell in love with the characters quickly. Their stories so intertwined with many not knowing why. As the story continued I became glued to it. The author did a fabulous job or keeping me engaged as a reader. The unique characters and their flaws sets a wonderful path full of danger and adventure. I am truly looking forward to reading the next in the series. 4-Star Reader Review

  • This is a truly remarkable book. Quality wise I would say it is the new Harry Potter but than a slightly more mature version. This one actually managed to scare me a few times. Beautiful story that really captures you and never lets you go untill you reach the end. I highly recommend it and can't wait for the second book ! Way to go PB Morlen. Congratulations..... I am glad another writer of your caliber stood up, just keep them comming now.... ;-) 5-Star Reader Review

Characters & Important People (7)

  • Crystal Blue: 18-year-old heroine of the series. Crystal is not only the heroine, but she's also an Avatar, and a rather reluctant one at that. She wears her long dark hair in the ancient style, more commonly referred to as dreadlocks. Her eyes are honey-brown, usually covered by a pair of slim and dark eyeglasses. She's got a slight swearing problem, but nothing that would be too offensive, and the reason she's reluctant is because she's just found a bit of happiness in the bookstore where the most attractive man she's ever met works.
  • Adam Walker: Tall, dark, and broodingly handsome half-blooded Lakota man who is Crystal's soul mate. Adam immediately sees Crystal's powerful, blue aura and is at once captivated by the fact that she is completely unaware of her unique qualities.
  • Cosmo Attis: Elderly gentleman who owns and operates the Minneapolis-based bookstore, The Blue Crystal. Cosmo wears wire-rimmed glasses, which make his eyes owlishly-large, and he's all business until Crystal mysteriously appears in his bookstore one blustery winter day, begging for a job.
  • David Lange: Middle-aged physics professor who discovers Crystal in a 7-11 and saves her from a botched kidnapping. David becomes a key player as he is the only one who can decode the ancient manuscript Crystal has found in the basement of The Blue Crystal bookstore.
  • Claire Blue: Claire Blue is Crystal's older and rather bossy sister. Claire, whose blonde hair is long and curly, attends the University of Minnesota located in the heart of Minneapolis. It is because of Claire that Crystal now lives in this city.
  • Madelynn Blue: Madelynn Blue is Crystal and Claire's grandmother. Not long after meeting her, readers discover that there's more to this woman than just a lovely Irish brogue, sea-blue eyes and fiery-red hair.
  • Daniel Attis: A bit of a rebel, Daniel (Cosmo's grandson) is misunderstood. On the surface, this teenager seems to take a particular dislike to Crystal, but soon, his true nature shines through.

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