Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Good day to all of you. As promised in my first blog, I intend on posting various blogs about topics that my book,"Illuminating Crystal," covers. For this blog, we're going to explore the natural, scientific and esoteric energies of earth's magnetic grid. In my book, the physics professor, David Lange, touches on this topic when he is trying to convince Crystal, the book's main character, that she is very, very important in humanity's evolution.  He explains that the earth has advanced into a new vibrational energy; this has a lot to do with the earth's magetic grid and I am excited to share some information that I have gleaned from various sources. But first, let's talk about what this means: the earth's magnetic grid is shifting.  We'll decouple this sentence and talk first about earth's magnetic grid.

Most of us probably first think about earth's magnetic field; that which protects both the earth and its inhabitants from galactic forces such as solar winds, solar flares, and of course the energy of the sun itself, powered by nuclear fission reactions. But we're not talking about earth's magnetic field, and we're not talking about the latitudinal and longitudinal lines which man has used for centuries to make maps.  We are talking about something more profound than cartography and coordinates, we're talking about primary energy lines that ancients used for thousands of years as a primary power source.  To learn more about this, I have inserted a link to an article by, David Hatcher Childress: a fascinating account of our world's magnetic grid and how it has been used over the centuries. Click here: Earth's ancient grid

Now, did you read the article? Good. Might I point out to you that the author alluded to earth as the "Crystalline Planet?" If you click on the article beside this heading, zooming it in, you can read where he includes the research of the three Russian scientists who ask the question, "Is the earth a large crystal?" They then followed up with the idea that the earth had begun life as a crystal, slowly molding into the spheroid it is today.  Fascinating! I happen to love this particular find because my book, "Illuminating Crystal," alludes to this same premise.  And mind you, I did not get my information from the Russians :-) But I promise you, I would admit it if I had. If you have further questions, you should probably find some of your own answers.  After all, we are all learning how to become experts in the esoteric field. Right?

Okay, now we'll talk about the magnetic ''crystalline" grid 'shifting.'  What does this mean exactly? For this piece of information, I will refer you to a channeling by Kryon, one of my master teachers. Some know this entity as the Kryon of Magnetic Service, but don't let this esoteric description confuse you, the message given is extremely profound, explaining situations that have baffled the scientific community for centuries.  Click here: Grid Shift.  If you still have questions, visit Lee Carrol's website @ and read as many channelings as you can squeeze in. Or, you can listen via the website's MP3 player format.

Now, let's look at this 'shift' from another angle. The angle from earth's two magnetic poles: The North Pole and The South Pole.  Adherents to terrestrial pole role reversal theory feel that our earth is ready for another of these pole reversals, equating these reversals to the various 'Ages' the earth has known.  These reversals caused cataclysmic destruction with the last shift occurring approx. 12,400 years ago. Is all this talk, prophecy or prediction? To explore further, follow this link to consider for yourself: Pole Shift 
Now that you've read this, for those of you have read my book, you may remember the passage that declares we are out of danger of this shift occurring once again. Why? Because of the particular event that occurred 23 years ago where 144,000 souls prayed for peace worldwide, catapulting our beautiful earth into a new chapter without having to destroy all those upon her back.  Look for my next posting to explore this amazing chapter in humanity's history further.      

For now, farewell my 'warriors of light.' May your day be filled with wonder and profoundness!!

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